Sunday, November 3, 2013


We have two little boys that are crazy about football right now, and we had two little boys that were dressed up as Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers for Halloween.  I wasn't sure if we even needed to go Trick-or-Treating after what they got from all their friends at daycare!  They were pretty excited for the night!  We had our Jack-O-Lantern pizza before filling their bags and bellies full of candy ;)

Ashton was Clay Matthews.  He wasn't too sure about the hair coming our of his helmet, but a candy bar distracted him long enough to forget about it...
 Towards the end of the night, it was balled up behind him so he couldn't see it, otherwise he wanted it "off".
 We gave Aaron Rodgers some facial hair.  As Aiden called it his "football hair".  We weren't sure how it was going to go with Ashton having hair in his helmet, and Aiden having hair on his face.  Luckily, we didn't have any meltdowns that they were different!  They just both had "football hair".
 I was afraid to show Aiden in the mirror, thinking he would want it washed off.  He hates being dirty!  He saw his reflection in the ipad while facetiming with Gramma and Grampa and was pretty proud of his football hair.

 Pretty tough getting a good shot of these two... candy in the belly and ready to Trick-or-Treat!

 We started out night by heading up our road... Finn and Molly's was the first stop.

 We then made our way to the rest of the neighbor's houses for some pretty special treats!  These two boys were spoiled ;)  We then headed into town for St. Paul's "Trunk-or-Treat".
 There was a horse dressed as a Packer Player too!

 We got plenty of comments about our two little Packers.  Some people not even packer fans, but thought they were pretty cute ;)
 There were some good trunk themes!  Duck Dynasty...
 The boys were not shy at all when they figured out the whole "Trick-or-Treating thing!"
 Of course they loved the farm theme trunk!
 I thought this camping one was a cute idea too.
 Our last stop for the night was Aunt Elly's house.  She was waiting and they were spoiled again with handfuls of candy!
 Two tired little Packers.
 Aiden thought it would be fun to shave off his "football hair" like Daddy!

 Using a spoon to "shave".  ;)
 All clean and ready for bed!
 On Saturday, I went with Mikayla to Hortonville, WI to cheer for the Mustangs.  Unfortunately they lost and their season is now done, but it was a fun day on the road with Mikayla!  
Although the boys would have loved to go to the football game, a three and a half hour drive was a little much!  They had a special day with Nana at her house, and then went to Finn's house for his birthday with Daddy.  They had a blast playing with his toys, eating cupcakes, and even got to bring home a balloon!  Happy 3rd Birthday Finn!
With Halloween behind us, Daddy was all about getting the Christmas lights up before bad weather hits.  He was up on the roof, and that makes me nervous!
 He had two great supervisors...
 It's been awhile since they have rode their four-wheelers!

 The boys may have had their last day of digging in the dirt as well.  Their fingers got cold and they didn't like playing in their mittens ;)

Happy November.  That means next month is December!!!!  The boys are already talking about Santa, although I don't know if they remember any of the holiday from last year... Do they?!?!
Thanks for checking in!  

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