Sunday, June 19, 2011

Many Firsts

This past week marks many firsts. One first that we are very excited about is CEREAL! The boys are officially "supported sitters" and they are bringing everything to their mouths, so we though we would try their first cereal. They did great! There was no gagging or spitting it out. Aiden had chowed his right down, while it took Ashton just a little bit longer to make the connection. About half way through his second time, his eyes got bright and he got excited. After that he chows down also!



This was my first week off and I am enjoying spending time with the boys. We are finding ways to entertain ourselves...

Posing for pictures... BEST BUDDIES

Dressing up in all our hats...

Aiden looks like he's ready to go cut Christmas Trees. However, I don't think this hat will fit in December ;( We often play dress up because what I think is going to be way to big... fits them! They are into 6 month clothes and I am packing away most all of their 0-3 month clothes. All I have to say is there will be some great finds when we have a thrift sale! Most outfits they have worn once, and it makes me very sad. I bought some more GAP jeans and they are size 6-12 months! They are a bit big, but the 3-6 months wouldn't have fit for long...

Aiden wearing his hat how Daddy wears his.

This week also marked our first walk of the summer. Not exactly the first walk, but the first time I loaded up the boys by myself and ran some errands and drove to the trail to put on some miles.

Ashton was a sleepy boy.

Aiden was ready to go. Adam calls him "our little Marine" because he never skips a beat!

I am sure it is a sight to see... As I am walking down the trail with the double stroller, Izzie cuts back and forth in front of the stroller so I have to stop and switch hands with the leash and stop while she sniffs around. Then I need to stop and do pacifier patrol... Then Izzie gets tired and we head home. Needless to say, she will stay home on the days that I want to put on some miles! Sorry Iz.

If we aren't eating, playing dress up, or walking... we are PLAYING! They are getting so strong and all toys are going to their mouths.

Ashton Alan

Aiden James

This pictures only shows half of the determination that Ashton had in trying to "get" his little giraffe on his exersaucer. He focused for over 15 minutes trying to get it to his mouth.

The last "First" of our week was celebrating Adam's FIRST FATHER'S DAY!!!

The boys were all decked out in their "I lOVE MY DADDY" shirts. We surprised him with a trip to Long Lake. He wants a cabin on the lake, and even though we cannot buy one right now, I thought we could go look and have lunch on the lake. The boys also got daddy an empty golf bag with a note saying he had to fill it (how do you pick out golf clubs for someone else???). Next to his bag were the boys' very own Little Tikes golf clubs so they can go with in a couple years. The perfect gift... A gift that will get all they boys out of the house in years to come ;)

Da Boyz (they found each other's hands)

Daddy and his boys.

Adam is the BEST Daddy these two little boys can ask for. They are two very lucky little boys!!! Nizzer and I are very lucky too!

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