Saturday, June 13, 2015

May = End of Pre-School, Baseball, and Graduation

May was busy.  We had field trips at Pre-School, the start of Baseball for Brigs, Blais, and Uncle Dave, and 2 graduations to celebrate.  

Did I forget to say hockey too?  Yes, Hockey starting back up in May.  The boys LOVED hockey and it was done in March for the season.  They wake up every morning asking to go to hockey... so we found a summer league in Eau Claire.  The are playing for The Bucks.  It's once a week on Sundays and they love it.  They have two other friends from Menomonie which is also fun.
Warmer temperatures also means HAIRCUTS.  We love their new stylist - Joey at Estilo.  He does a great job and keeps the boys styling.
 May was the field trip month.  They walked to Lammer's to visit the bakery, they walked to a local laundromat, the DNR came to visit, and a fire truck came to their school.
They were ready for Fire Truck Day!
Their last field trip was to a farm.  I took a personal day to spend it with the boys and their class.
So excited to ride a big bus for the first time!
 The bus could have just drove around town for a while and they would have been in heaven.
 Aiden isn't shy.  Right up in front with the farmer.
 Not sure what has their attention... maybe a cow peeing?
 Showing us how the milker works.

 Cute!  However, I think being a cow would be the worst animal to be.  They always look so cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and sad and depressed.
 Baby Chicks!
 A combine...
 A rope swing into the hay...
 Collecting a hat full of eggs.  Don't break any!

 We ended the day with a hay ride and snack in the field.  The rain held off just until we were headed back!
 Class Picture.  Many friends made and memories to last a lifetime.  We will be saying good-bye to our friends at Preschool as we start 4K in the fall.

 Sitting with friends on the bus.  On the way home they DID NOT want to sit with me...

 Spring means baseball.  We made it to a couple of Blais' high school games.  They love watching him play baseball and hockey.
 Go number 8!
 Another reason the boys like going to Blais's games... playing in the batting cage with Brigs!

Uncle Dave's season started too.  Dad pitched a couple before the start of the game.

 I love the little baseball stance!
 Go Dave!

 We had a hockey play date for Jaxon's 5th birthday.  It was a super fun day filled with hockey, friends, and cake!

 Aiden is obsessed with wanting to be a goalie.

 Hockey Friends
Caz, Ashton, Jaxon, Aiden, and Chase

 Awesome Cake!
 Happy Birthday Jaxon!

 Saying goodbye is hard to do, but fun when it involves a picnic and play time!  The End-Of-School picnic was a great time.

 Swimming and of course playing baseball!
 Aides found a monkey and it now has a new home and a new buddy... everywhere.he.goes.
 Little Friends.
 Love how they both have their hands in their pockets!

 Aiden, Myles, and Ashton

 Ashton, Tyler and Aiden. 
Tyler also goes to Bonnie's.
 Emily graduated from Stout and we had to help her celebrate.  Congrats Em!
Uncle Steve got his snuggles with Hadley.
 The boys were swinging their badminton rackets like baseball bats...

 Hadley is growing so fast!
 The next graduation was our very own Kayla graduating from High School.  We hosted her party at our house.  We were busy getting the house ready.  I'm not sure if Adam was excited, but I'm sure glad it gave us the push to get some more projects done and pictures hung on the walls ;)
 We teamed up with Elly and Price to give Mikayla a box full of cash.

 Jason Aldean made an appearance.

 Had to put this one in... love Mikayla's face.
 Josh is a favorite person of Aiden's.  He loves big kids and he loves Josh.  
Mikyla always wanted to be a graduate...
(my college and Elly's high school)
 and now she is one!

 CONGRATS Mikayla and Brenden!!!!

Some other randoms for the month...
Spending a Daddy day on the trail.  We have two very confident and daring boys riding on two wheels.
 Ashton is a little boys after his dad's heart.  He LOVES Buffalo Wild Wings!
Aiden - not so much.  He wanted "clean chicken".  He is the kid that does not like to be dirty.
 Another new obsession - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
So proud.  They worked so hard for their shells on their behavior sticker chart.
 Playing in the rain.

I'm sure I am forgetting something as I have pictures on my phone, Adam sends me pictures, and I take them off my camera every week.  If it wasn't for the photos, I would have no clue what we did and I would never remember it all.  Thanks goodness for my camera and smart phones!

If you are just checking back in, look for the April post.  I am trying hard to get caught up and back to weekly posts.  This catching up stuff and recapping months is too difficult!

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