Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wedding Weekend

It's Sunday night, and I am really trying to stick the weekly post again! 

The last two week have been rough on the boys... and Adam and I.  We are trying to adjust to the new routine with me being back to work and Adam being busy at work.  The boys got VERY attached to me over the summer and getting up earlier and getting home for a rushed supper has been something new these last two weeks.  Add some sleepless nights with a cough and runny noses to the mix and we have pure exhaustion and two crabby boys.  Hopefully this is all temporary.  Can you say frequent meltdowns... I have a theory it is a mix of tiredness, being sick, being frustrated with leanring words and not always using them when they want somethins.

Continuing the craziness into the weekend, Adam's best friend got married over the weekend.  CONGRATS MATT, STEPH, and LANDON!  Adam stood up in the wedding so he headed to the Green Bay area on Friday night and we joined him on Saturday.  Nana made the trip and stayed with the boys in the hotel while I went to the church.  The Boys + Church (sitting still and quiet) = disaster.  After the church, I went back and got them to head to the reception.  I am hoping Aunt Missy got more pictures of all the kiddos dancing.


Yes... you will see a paci in the next picture.  To get through some meltdowns and tired rampages I have had to choose my battles this week. 

This week marked the first Sunday of the football season.  Nana made sure the boys are ready for the Packer Games.  We have Ashton Matthews with all the hair and Aiden Rogers with the arm.

Making an escape... If the screen door is just open, the boys will let themselves outside.  They let Izzie out too, only without her collar and leash.  ;)  They also are good at letting her in (can't take her off her leash) and giving her a treat.

Unfortunately the Packer's didn't win today.

Spending some time outside enjoying the fall weather.  The boys are getting a little better driving and steering their trucks.
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It's been quite the week.  We are all tired.  We're hoping to fall into our new routine soon. 

No real big updates on the house... waiting to get the perk test back, pull permits, and start digging within the week or two.  On the "To Do" list is picking out flooring and cabinets.  We'll do this in all our spare time  ;)

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