Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A day we'll NEVER forget.

The Day we will never forget was right in the middle of a typical week. I thought this week would be easy for me as I had no kiddos at school on Monday and we had a half day on Wednesday. As I had noted in other weeks prior, I continued to feel OK, yet continuing to slow down. Monday's day of meeting drained me and I went straight home from work and to bed. Tuesday was a good day, and then Wednesday I wasn't feeling the greatest, a slight headache, and just plain tired. The above picture is from Wednesday morning. I swear Adam loves taking pictures if he is not the one in them... but interesting enough, I look at this picture now and think "look at how low I was carrying!" The boys had done some shifting...

Around 4:30 am I woke up to thinking I had to go to the bathroom and to my surprise, I just thought that the pressure from the boys were causing me to lose control of my bladder a bit (sorry for this concerned about TMI - too much information). I called the OR and they said to keep an eye on it and didn't tell me to come in at all soooo, I got up and ready for work. I was going to do my sub plans and get everything checked out. BUT I made it to the front office of my school and walked past the secretary and said, "go open the door for my kids, I need a sub!" Not too long later I was on the phone with Adam telling him I was getting a ride to the hospital.

At this time, I felt a bit stupid going to the hospital because I wasn't feeling anything unusual. Then me feeling stupid went all out the window and I felt scared, anxiety, and panic. A test was done and indicated it was indeed my water that had broke. Then the nurses and my doctor started moving quite fast! They didn't want to check me right away as the more times you get checked there is more of a chance for infection. After a call to the cities, they wanted me checked to see if I could make the transfer to the cities. I will NEVER forget the look on the faces in the room when I was checked and what they thought I was measuring 6 cm dilated. At this point I was NOT feeling any contractions, but they were about 2-4 minutes apart. At 6 cm I was not going anywhere and they were going to fly a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) to Menomonie to assist with the delivery and care of the boys. Once they were born I would have stayed in Menomonie and they would have taken to boys to the cities.

Then, after a second opinion and check, they determined I was really only 1 cm dilated and could make it to the cities. This made me very nervous but glad I could be with the boys. The trip was the longest, bumpiest, and most anxious trip I had ever had to the cities. I could help but just watch the two nurses and paramedics faces to see if they were nervous and how they were reacting to the situation. I'm sure I was quite annoying by asking "Where are we?" It helped me knowing how much further I needed to make it. When we arrived at the hospital I was having contraction every two to three minutes and just by being able to relax knowing we made it, the contractions were STRONG. I was not even in my room for a half hour and they had me checked. I went from 1 cm to 10 cm in about 20 minutes. This was just long enough to get the epidural and head off to the OR for delivery.

The delivery room was quite a sight. There was a team (10 or so people) for Baby A, a team for Baby B, and a team for me. I pushed for about an hour and a half with Ashton. He came out crying and all I could say was "keep crying little buddy!" By me being able to hear his cry, I knew he was breathing! Ashton got to visit with me for a couple seconds and then they took him to check him out. In a matter of a minutes they did an ultrasound and Baby B was still head down so I asked how long before we start pushing. The doctor looked at me and said, "right now!" I said something to the sort of, "OK... but I'm hungry, tired, and sore from the first one." He said push and in two pushes Aiden James followed his brother by three minutes! He was crying as well, music to our ears.

Ashton Alan

Aiden James

Here is the proud daddy with little Aiden. Believe it or not but in the short amount of time and how quick everything happened Gramma and Grandpa Wamboldt made it, as did Nana and Elly. Grandpa Jerry made it from Green Bay... did you go the speed limit the entire way?

The first couple of hours (maybe the first night) the boys were assisted with oxygen through a CPAP however, breathing all on their own!

Once I recovered enough, I couldn't wait to go to the NICU to see the boys. We got to do some Kangaroo time right away. The best feeling in the world.

Looking back, it was quite the ride of emotions. I went from thinking I had about five more weeks to go...
to thinking my water may have broke...
to thinking maybe labor could be stopped...
to trying to make it 48 hours (for the steroid shots to be effective)...
to "You're having babies before Dinner Time!
We joined the journey a little early.
We are Blessed with two beautiful boys.
Adam has already questioned if I am ready to live in a house with three boys, and I just remind him that I still have my Nizzer and we will do special days together to get out of the house. Just the girls.

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