Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Boy Clothes!

January 26, 2011

We try to make it home a night or two during the week to "regroup" and head back up (over). It is always hard leaving the boys, but we know they are in the best of hands and we need to get things ready at home too! We thought we had just a little more time to get the nursery ready! When we are not home our home-away-from-home has been at a family friend's house in Afton, Minnesota. It is about a 15-20 minute drive to and from the hospital. After being at the hospital all day, it is nice to have a comfortable bed to sleep in. Thanks Maureen and Coach!!! Adam is also trying to work right now so he can be a little more available when it is time for the boys to come home. He packed me up and dropped me off with the boys this morning to spend some time with them while he went to work.

He then came back later in the evening with a surprise for the boys...

Their very own Craftsman Tool Boxes!!! Is this saying they can't touch Daddy's tools? Now Adam is working on buying them Hot Wheel's, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles that they can use their tools on!

Aiden having some quiet time with Daddy. They have many long talks about building sand castles in Door County and doing "Boy Stuff".

What's up Ashton? Are you shy about your clothes??? Maybe he's telling us he didn't want his picture taken. Adam thinks that it is the strips and he wanted to be in camouflage.

Today was a big day for the boys to try on their first BIG BOY clothes. No more chilling in their diaper and having a machine keep you warm! To help regulate their body temperature, they need to put on clothes and slowly turn down the temperature in their isolettes. Once they can hold it on their own, the graduate to BIG BOY BEDS! We didn't have any clothes here with us, so Adam went out shopping and then headed home to do some laundry to bring some of their clothes back up. Several nurses commented how cute it was that Daddy was soo excited to go shopping for they boys and do their laundry! He is a keeper although I don't think he has this "shopping for twins" thing down. He only bought one of everything. Nothing matching or even coordinating! So, we had to go back and "finish" his shopping. That is the big question... will the boys dress identical or not? I prefer coordinating outfits, same style but different color but matching is cute too!

There's his cute little face! They are swimming in their clothes (size newborn) but they are almost too long to buy a lot of preemie clothes. We have a couple preemie things washed up and they just look sooo tiny. They will be growing into the newborn size before we know it!

And the best part of the day... The boys had not felt each other since they were in the womb until today. This is what I have been looking forward to... holding both of my little boys at the same time. They actually found each other's hands and held onto hands for awhile. I didn't even have to force it and tell them to get along. It melted my heart.

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