Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brotherly Love

January 31, 2011

This post will serve as my regular Sunday post and I will be going back to Sunday updates as the boys aren't changing much from day to day! They continue to gain ounces at a time and with the weight gain, they up their feeding by about 4 ml a day. They continue getting a daily dose of vitamin D with one of their feedings and amoxicillin. The amoxicillin is precautionary to a kidney infection. When I was still pregnant, two of my last ultrasounds showed both babies had enlarged kidneys. We were going to wait and see if they corrected themselves... but then once the boys were born, they were put on the antibiotic for "just in case" they could get a kidney infection. Next week they will be old enough and should be big enough to do a couple more tests and see if we can discontinue the antibiotic and measure the flow of liquids in their kidneys with a dye. After doing some research online, this is quite common, and also more common in boys.

We continue to do Kangaroo time with the boys and the best days are when we have "time" to hold both of the boys together.

My first day or two with the boys, I was thinking how many books I would be able to read and how long the days will be at the hospital. That turns out to be the complete opposite! There are days I don't sit down (except to pump) we are so busy. We are very involved in their CARES before their feedings and I am holding and trying to breastfeed while they receive their feeding so they can start to make the Connection between me and their meals. The boys eat every three hours so basically once I do Aiden for an hour, then I do Ashton for an hour, I pump and use the restroom and we start all over... ALL DAY. I need to sometimes remove myself so I can remember to eat and stay strong for the boys.

Right now Adam and I are planning our weeks one week at a time. Adam is trying to work more so he can be available a bit more when they boys come home. He tries to make it for either a morning or an evening, but is also keeping things rolling at home with the nursery, new carpet, housework and Nizzer. I am getting home 1 to 2 nights a week to do laundry, spend some time with Izzie, and sleep in my own bed. The other nights I am staying in Afton, MN (about 20 minutes away) with some family friends to be closer to the boys and cut down on the driving after long days at the hospital. I am there in the morning for the doctor's update and to listen to rounds and we TRY to leave by 10pm. When I say try... it is usually later by the time we actually walk out of the hospital and it is SO hard leaving them each night! I have to remind myself each time we leave that they are in the best hands and they need us to be strong and healthy for them. We won't be able to walk away for lunch, supper and sleep once they come home... but the boys coming home cannot come soon enough for Adam and I. I think Izzie wants them home too, so we will be home more! ;)

Check back next Sunday for another post!

Adam, Amy, Ashton, and Aiden. Izzie too!

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