Monday, February 7, 2011

The newest Packer Fans!

With not much changing from day-to-day, this post is mostly pictures! The boys are doing great and gaining weight everyday. Aiden is working really hard to catch up to his brother... as Ashton continues to grow and gain, but is a little more relaxed and "chill". We get daily updates on their weight, but it is about time I check in on their length! They still "swim" in their newborn clothes, but preemie is too small (too short)!

Aiden showing off his cute little knees. The hat he is wearing is adorable, it is a preemie hat that Gramma bought and it is a little puppy. ;)

The little ears on the hat are too cute...

Ashton sleeping in his hat right after his bath...

Aiden again... he LOVES his pacifier and he even holds it in. I didn't notice until I uploaded this picture, but I don't think he is purposely pointing that certain finger at the camera... little stinker!

On Sundays and Wednesdays they boys get baths. Aiden isn't as patient as Ashton is so the nurse showed me how to do it with Aiden (as I was taking pictures) and then I did Ashton's bath (no pictures since I had my hands full).

As I said earlier, I think we might get one wear out of the few preemie outfits the boys have. This little outfit fits so nice everywhere except they are short in the arms! This is Ashton after his bath.

Ashton sleeping after his bath, I was trying to get a picture of his fluffy little blonde spikers ;)

Ashton modeling his preemie onsie. It fits prefect now, but not for long!

Auntie Elly was there the day the boys were born, and this was a special week for her to come back and visit and actually be able to hold the boys! Here she is holding Aiden. I have said it before and will say it again, Aiden seems to get all the lovin', but that is NOT TRUE. We have to fit visitors around each of their feedings and Ashton is has more reflux and cannot be held or passed around during or after his feedings. This was the first baby Elly has held since Mikayla (13 years old)!!!

On Sunday, the day of the Superbowl, the boys had to get their Packer booties on... Ashton is one of the newest Packer fans. They must have brought the home team luck!

He really is happy to be cheering for the Packers, I think he is just stretching!

Aiden is also proud to be one of the newest little Packer fans in his booties (thanks Great Aunt Debbie for the booties)!!!
As the boys continue to get bigger and stronger, again we thank all those who are thinking of us during this time. It will be so nice to get the boys home!!!
***Adam, Amy, Ashton, Aiden, and Izzie***

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