Sunday, February 13, 2011

All Because Two People Fell in LOVE.

Four Years ago, Adam and I had our first "Date" on February 7th. Three years ago he proposed to me on December 2nd, and last but not least two years ago we were married on February 7th. For our first anniversary we went to a Minnesota Wild hockey game (Excel Center) with not a care in the world, and for this anniversary we ate at A & W on our way to the boys... which is coincidentally right next to the Excel Energy Center. After our dinner date we didn't want anything else but to spend the night with the boys!
Gourmet Menu...

Notice my wedding ring is back on! Adam re-proposed to me and my ring is TIGHT but went back on! I then took it back off because I wash my hands sooo much with the boys and I don't want to scratch them right now...

Happy Two Year Anniversary... seems like just yesterday.

Now, on to why most people check the blog... The boys. WE HAVE TWO FIVE POUNDERS!!! The boys continue to change daily. I had an infection and was down for the count and missed a day with the boys this past week. Missing that one day, made me realize how much they really are changing. They looked little little men when returned to the hospital! We knew that a pound or two would make a huge difference on their little frames... and they almost look chunky (sort of)!

Aiden is so hungry, he is trying to eat his hand. He is also just about growing out of this preemie outfit!

What a cutie!

This is probably the first and last time Ashton can wear this outfit!

Stretch! At times it lookes like Ashton may have a double chin...

The boys get weighed each night, and obviously Ashton is not too concerned to be stripped down and waiting for his turn!
Adam was all geared up to help with the baths this week. He gave Aiden his bath and he did a great job! You would have never guessed that 7 months ago when he held Elle for the first time, he was so nervous! He now is a pro at changing clothes, holding, diapers, and even baths!

He has such a gentle touch. Aiden doesn't mind this part, but just wait...

He DOES NOT like sitting in the tiny tub. We can't wait to get them home and in the comforts of their tub that lets them relax and lay back a bit. Again, no pictures of Ashton, as the night nurse did his bath. I promise he will have some bath pictures soon that will be able to be used in his graduation slide show ;)
To continue to grow and hopefully be six pounders soon, they need to eat! Both are doing well nursing and taking to the bottle. Aiden is showing more feeding cues and waking for his feedings. In the last day or two Aiden has taken all his feedings orally. It just so happened that on Saturday he pulled out his feeding tube, and they haven't had to put it back in yet! Ashton is getting about half of his feedings orally and gets quite tired, so the other half is through the tube. We don't want to push him too hard. He should be making the hunger/feeding connection soon! Typically this happens between week 35-37 and they are 35 weeks on the dot today (2.13.2011).
Ashton eating from a bottle!

Adam feeding Aiden. This is the first time that Adam has ever fed a baby a bottle!
The boys continue to make huge gains. It is amazing what a day or two makes. Today we were even talking a possible discharge date for Aiden. Since he is recieving all feedings orally and maintaining hydration and body temperature there really isn't much more for the NICU to do! Ashton is a little behind, but again what a difference 24 hours can make. This coming week is a big week for the boys. Their final head scans, kidney scans and their circumcisions have been ordered for Monday. Then it is just the final scan for breathing patterns, oxygen levels, and heart rates to pass and the car seat test. A lot can happen really fast! The only worry I have is Aiden may be discharged before Ashton and that may be the hardest part of the last 4 weeks... Aiden home and Ashton still in the cities. But we will work it out is that happens, and we look forward to having both of our boys home really soon!

(There are twin girls right around the corner from Ashton and Aiden... we have already told them to stay away from the girls) :0

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