Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Little Men

January 24, 2011

No News is Great News. Everyday is a new day and it is a great day when we hear that the boys are doing well. I think that they are so small and fragile and it is crazy to hear the nurses call our boys "the big boys of the unit!" We are going to save a diaper and some of their preemie clothes to show the boys just how small they once were. I feel that they are growing and changing in looks every day. Their eyes get brighter and they get more and more control of their movements.

Ashton and Daddy doing some cuddle time.

I love these pictures because it looks like he has a good start to little chubby cheekers!

The boys are still getting photo therapy. They expect their blood work to come back fine and get them off the lights.

Aiden still has the oxygen flow, but it is all room air and we expect him to come off that soon. It will give him one less thing to grab at!

The nurses continue to tell us that both of the boys are "SPIRITED." Aiden a little more so than Ashton. This makes me think we will have our hands full at home, but also their "spirit" is making them strong and grow faster?!?!

We cannot wait to get them out of their isolettes so they can become more aware of each other. It bothers me that they were so used to being together and now they lay alone in their little beds.

But.... Ashton is enjoying the extra space. He sleeps all sprawled out often times! He also likes stretching his long legs to where he looks like a stiff little board, but completely comfortable. Aiden likes to be cuddled a bit more and lay on his stomach.

Today a nurse commented on the two little blondie's, and after seeing me she knows where they got it from. I don't think of Aiden as a little blondie, but sometimes it looks as though his hair could lighten up... I cannot tell who their features look like or if they look alike, as I need to see them closer together. It seems as though Aiden may be a little more petite, but other than that all I see they have in common is that everything is just plain TINY and both are handsome. :)

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