Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a SPECIAL Day...

January 30, 2011

It's a special day! Today was the first day they boys could be held by others, besides getting all the lovin' from Mom and Dad!!! Gramma and Grandpa Wamboldt and Nana all got to hold their first grandsons... this makes their visits a little more special, as it is more fun to hold than to just look.

Gramma with Ashton

Nana with Aiden

Grandpa with Aiden

Gramma with Aiden

Nana with Ashton

Last but not least... Auntie Missy with Aiden.
It looks like Ashton got less cuddle time, but that is not true. He must have been getting a feeding at the time that the camera was out and we try to not move them around too much right after a feeding and their REM sleep is very important right now for their development!

As the boys were getting their snuggle time, Mommy and Daddy opened some presents that were brought by the visitors. Fitting that Adam had just closed down the computer after working on our 2011 budget... and the boys get their very first piggy banks from Auntie Missy, Uncle Dave, and Elle!

Izzie has not been forgotten about either. We keep telling her she has two brothers and we talk about her to the boys every day! She is sad she has not met them yet, so she passed on a present for Gramma and Grandpa to deliver... Two of their own little "Izzies" to keep them company until she can see them and cuddle them at home.
The nurses have all commented on how spoiled the babies are and we could not agree more. We thank everyone who helps us, thinks about us, and brings the boys gifts DAILY! The most important thing is that they are spoiled with love and cuddles!

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