Sunday, January 30, 2011

First pair of Oakleys

January 23, 2011
To our surprise, we found the boys getting ready for their first vacation on day three. Ok, they weren't tanning but it sure looked like it! Because their little systems were immature, they needed some help breaking down the red blood cells and needed some photo therapy. The lights help their liver break down the bilirubin in their systems. This is not uncommon for term babies, especially in pre-term babies.

This is Ashton showing of his first pair of Oakleys. He learned really fast how to get them off, especially hitting them with the "board" on his arm that is to hold in his IV. He would get the goggles off and then squeak because the lights hurt his eyes... we had a long talk about cause and effect!

Aiden wasn't too crazy about his first pair of Oakleys either. Again, notice the mitt on his hand and he still found a way to get his goggles off!

Adam and I are beginning to be more involved in their care. Before each feeding, the nurses do CARES. They take their temperature, change their diaper, and do a full check up. Adam and I are now doing their temperatures (they do NOT like the cold thermometer in their arm pit) and changing their diapers. This is challenging with them in their isolettes and all the wires, but we just think of it as extra challenging practice and will only be easier as they get bigger and we don't have to work around the obstacle course!

With their feedings moving through their little systems and getting them to go to the bathroom more, this will help with the bilirubin breaking down as well. We were fist a bit concerned because it took Ashton a little longer than expected to pee and poop... but have no fear, both boys have healthy little systems and fill their diapers often! They are stinky boys ;)

While we are doing Kangaroo time with the boys, we play some light music that I played on my tummy while they were in the womb. One of my favorites is Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Lullaby's. I make the joke that with their little Oakley's, Tans, and Jimmy Buffett... they will feel right at home next time we go on a Caribbean Vacation.

They boys are changing each and every day. They are still loosing a little weight each day and especially being under these lights they are loosing a little more liquids, so hopefully they will start to chart in the positive gains!

Thank You everyone for the kind words, thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. We appreciate everything and look forward to bringing the boys home!

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