Sunday, January 30, 2011

All is good!

January 21, 2011

It's amazing how with just a blink of the eye, what you do is no longer about yourself. These little boys have me wrapped around their finger more than I could ever have imagined, and they are only a day old in these pictures. I could not get up early enough to get to their room to see them. It was a tough night for me, trying to sleep in my recovery room while the boys were in a different unit (NICU). It was my first time away from them and not being able to be with them or feel them kicking inside of me left me not being able to sleep.

Most all the nurses comment on Ashton's hands and feet. They are BIG (and adorable)! He might be tall like Daddy.

Adam and I cannot get enough time with them. The Kangaroo time is the best part of our days.

We usually see the boys' eyes during the Kangaroo time as they are more alert. This is Ashton right after some Kangaroo time. He definitely has the lighter features of the two boys! One nurse thinks they may both be blonde, but for now Ashton is the Blondie!

Aiden has booties on his hands. He was still receiving a little "Room Air Flow" just to help him out a bit. He is a stinker and keeps pulling at everything. Many of the nurses describe him as "Spirited". We might have our hands full with him! Ashton is a bit more laid back and chill right now, but they both have their moments!

The boys continue to do well, and just need to get stronger and gain weight!

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