Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Two Gifts

Countdown: 9 more weeks until I make the goal of at least 36 weeks

That means only 63 more days!!!

I am 27 weeks today.

As most people hate going to the doctor, we look forward to the bi-weekly visits now so we can hear the heartbeats and be reassured that everything is going great! We have also began our regular ultrasounds scheduled for every 4 weeks to measure growth and keep a close eye on the babies.

Twin A

Twin A has grown from 1 lb. 4 oz. to 2 lbs. 3 oz. in the past 4 weeks. The heartbeat remains a strong 150 as it has the last couple appointments. Twin A is still head down and it feels as though he/she is the more active of the two. The ultrasound tech. commented how he/she is hogging more of the space but he/she also has Baby B's butt is it's face. ;)

Twin B

Twin B has grown from 1 lb. 3 oz. to 2 lbs. 8 oz. in the past four weeks. The heartbeat has changed a bit since last time. It is now closer to that of Baby A at 147 (it was 141 at the last appointment). The position that Baby B is in, makes it hard for a good profile picture, but I thought this one is cute with him/her looking right at you. This baby has it's head near my right rib and causes me much pain and discomfort the majority of the day if I am sitting. Sitting in a reclining position most all the time and the heating pad have become my new best friends. Standing also helps relieve some of the discomfort, but as I told Adam... as of this week, I no longer have ankle bones so I try to keep off my feet as much as I can!!!

The babies are a thinner, smaller, redder version of what they will look like at birth. They continue to put on fat and their lungs, liver and immune systems continue to fully develop. They can probably recognize our voices and their eyes are beginning to open, if they are not open yet. In the past the measurement for length was the crown-to rump, but this weeks marks where they begin measuring total length and they should be about 15 1/4 inches. They are about the size of an eggplant.
This week marks the end of our second trimester and we are sailing into the third. As people ask me how I am feeling I will respond with "I am good, but slowing down quite a bit!" I find myself teaching from my chair more often throughout the day, asking the students to carry my bins to and from where they need to be in the classroom, and having the students pick stuff up off the floor for me where in the past I would not have thought twice about picking up a dropped pencil. The end of the weeks are harder than the beginning, and trying to do something after work that requires me walking (as in Christmas Shopping) is really hard. I also need to give Adam tons of credit for the helper he has been at home. He now has the responsibilities of helping me up, helping with my socks, and making sure my very tight shoes get tied!

So the next question from most is if I will be back to work after this holiday break? I am hoping so!!! My doctor will work with me and listen to how I am feeling, but as long as my body holds up and the babies remain healthy, I really hope to make it to the end of January or early February.

Adam and I look forward to spending this holiday season with many great friends and our amazing families. We already have our favorite gift of all, the two bundles of joy that we will have soon! Next weeks post may be a little delayed due to some traveling, so check in on Monday! We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Warm Winter Wishes!

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