Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby Shower & Blizzard

Well, The title of the blog this week says it all. If you go back to a November post the theme was also all things that start with a "B" (Bad Roads, Baptism, and Babies). Sticking with that them this week is all things that start with a "B" as well. This past weekend was a special day for me, Adam, and the Babies. We had our first shower, but the weather did not cooperate! Thinking back, two years ago we planned a winter wedding and the weather was perfect. I should have known not to try and be lucky with Wisconsin winters... This is a day that stories will be shared for awhile! I sincerely thank all that made it and those who did not - we missed you, but I completely understand. I debated on whether to cancel, but in the end the food was prepared and I rescheduling would have been difficult to find a weekend before I am unable to move comfortably. So again, THANKS to all there and those there in spirit!

This is how the Baby Shower started out... an empty lot full of snow, and needing to be plowed out. Thanks to Adam, some guests were able to make it by him going to pick them up!!!

The babies were VERY spoiled with necessities... and some fun stuff too!

Thanks for the cupcakes Missy! They were two-peas-in-a-pod and very yummy...

After helping get things all ready to go, helping people get to the shower, and driving from Eau Claire in the weather... the boys got to enjoy the shower as well. They also helped the numbers...

After my brother drove from Downsville and went to dig out my sister's car, we thought he should stay and join in on the fun.

From the time we knew we were having twins (at 9 weeks) they have already been labeled "Baby A & B". These two adorable outfits are from Nana (my mom).

At that same time, Jerry named the twins "Sears & Roebuck" so here are their very own shirts that were made by Adam's Grandma Zielke. Why do we even have to think about names anymore?

Instead of bring a card, guests were asked to bring a book. We look forward to reading these special books with the babies (these are just a few... we need a bookshelf for the nursery)!

Some other special books given to the babies came from when Adam was little. These were a few of his favorites! These will be "looked" at on the shelf or in a shadow box and probably not played with.

Some other pieces that Adam was given came directly from his nursery. His bear was made by his Grandma Zielke, the wood toys he played with, and some of his nursery decorations are very special to have.

The kiddos were spoiled with many toys. Once we got home, I combined them all into a bin that Nana made for the twins. Adam's family has been going to Door County for 30+ years and we pack our "stuff" in bins in case it rains... so now the twins have their Door County Bin all ready to be packed next year!

We made the decision that if we have no major developments on our house this week, we will paint the nursery and just start to get settled here. When we got home from the shower, I went through all the goodies again and attempted to sort through all the treats!

After 18.5 inches of snow, someone needed to snow blow the driveway... Adam is just really a big kid who can't wait to play in the snow!

At one point I peeked out at him and he was sitting in a drift (looked like he was in a recliner) and eating snow... wondering where all the kids were at to play with?!?!?!
St. Nick came to the house on Monday and left some presents next to our shoes. The babies got some Nuks, Adam got a tie clip, and I got a coupon organizer... I am thinking it will be more than half full with diaper coupons!

And lastly, Last Friday Adam helped take down the last of the trees at the lot. The HUGE Oak needed to come down and it was a beast. We would have loved having a beautiful tree in our front yard, but this is where the driveway needs to go...


This week is my last week before two weeks off for Christmas break and Adam and I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday. We will have another ultrasound and cannot wait to see the babies again... so next week will be ALL ABOUT BABIES!

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