Monday, November 1, 2010


Adam and I stepped a little out of our comfort zone this past week and had some fun with Halloween! Izzie has been a Bee for the last three years... I think it may be time for a new costume next year. Maybe she'll match the twins in some sort of costume?!?!?! She isn't crazy about the costume, we put it on her for some pictures, and then to hand out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters she wore just a jester collar with bells. Yes, I dress our dog sometimes...
As I said earlier, this is a night we don't really get into but we decided to put together some costumes last minute to enjoy the night and partake in some festivities... My sister got me the Bee costume. I liked it because it was naturally full and covered my bump. This allowed me to secretly be pregnant at the bar and enjoy the night. It's wonderful that WI bars are now smoke free!!! For Cousin Eddie's costume we just needed the white robe and the cigar... I thought he needed the robe shorter but knew I couldn't push the comfort level too much. He already needed to start drinking at home for the courage to walk into the bar ;).

Here is the Queen Bee and her little Honey... she's shy.

The longer Cousin Eddie was out and about, the more comfortable he got... What I really wish I could have gotten pictures of was my shorts he was wearing underneath!!!

Halloween is my sister's and her boyfriend's favorite day of the year. Their costumes are always amazing. Price was a Zombie and Elly was a "Day of the Dead" person... Look at the details!

We ended the festivities with traveling to Eau Claire to Missy and Dave's house to enjoy their company. We don't get many Trick-or-Treaters, so the past few years we have joined then in their neighborhood fun. Izzie and Paisley get along about as good as a big and energetic dog, and a small, lazy dog can. This is a pretty common picture to see them in... Paisley wanting to play and Izzie giving her the "back pose."

Oh! Wait, they are kind of laying semi-close to each other!!! Paisley just wants to play, but she "boxes" Izzie in the face and she doesn't know how to play with big dogs.
And last but VERY NOT LEAST, the cutest costume of the weekend... the CuTeSt little Butterfly we ever saw....

She was so cute, What will she be next year?
Next week will be less about Adam and I and more about the BaBiEs!
~Amy and Adam

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