Sunday, November 28, 2010

Family Traditions

This week brought many great get-togethers with our families. We started out the Thanksgiving festivities at my brother's and Katie's house for more of a Thanksgiving lunch. Izzie loves to go visit her cousin, Kingston. No pictures, forgot the camera... bummer. Kingston is a Yorkie and they get along so well! Then we were off to Eau Claire to continue the festivities with Adam's side of the family. The food was delicious, although I have to be careful how much I eat. I am in extreme pain if I eat too much! Thursday night was cut early as Adam had to get up at 1:30 a.m. to be at the stores for BLACK FRIDAY!

The ladies kept with Black Friday Tradition and headed West to Stillwater and St. Paul to hit some boutiques. We stay away from all the large department stores and malls which is just fine with me! It was Elle's first year and she was a trooper! I am nervous about keeping this tradition alive next year... two babies + a double stroller + tight boutiques = not sure if it will work...

Elle has the cutest Christmas Shopping hat on... I love hats as well!

Continuing to stay with Wamboldt Family Tradition, we watched "Christmas Vacation" on Saturday night. It is a rule to not watch this movie before Thanksgiving and to watch it with the family on Thanksgiving weekend. It is a family favorite, hence Adam's Halloween costume this past year. All lines are recited on cue and every year they have to pick out something they have not noticed before!

Elle was a good little Tree Shopper! Her pink nose matches her hat!
Another Wamboldt tradition is cutting Christmas Trees. The last two years we have stayed close to home at the Pleasant Valley Tree Farm. Years prior, we traveled to Nicolet National Forest near Green Bay to cut trees. That is where Adam and I got engaged! Our first tree was as Charlie Brown as you could get. The branches were soooo weak we needed fish line to hold them up to support ornaments and lights. So, we still kind of look for the Charlie Brown tree... and we found one!
I like the holes in it and it to not be as full so more of the ornaments show through!

Before we could cut it, I needed to make sure I was not wider than the tree (this is my belly shot for the week.... 24 Weeks).

Adam was proud that he conquered the tree!

The tree is in the house, but will not be decorated until later in the week. check back next week for the finished product!

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