Monday, November 15, 2010

Bad Roads, Baptism, and BABIES!!!

This post comes a day late, but is full of news and pictures... Not much happened during the week, but we had a very busy weekend to make up for a slow week!

We'll go right in the order as my title says... Starting out with the Bad Roads. We had picked out our nursery furniture months ago and were just waiting for the right time to buy. I was thinking that a Black Friday sale would be the best time, but when I called to hear their promotions, it turned out that this past Saturday was the best day to buy. I was up early to hit the road on a mission... Needless to say, the biggest snowfall in the month of November for Minnesota was also on a mission! I contemplated not going, turning back a couple times, but talked myself into voyaging forward to USA Baby in Minneapolis (just past The Mall of America). My mom rode with, which I am not quite sure if I would have rather been by myself. I didn't need the stress of her reacting to every little snowflake falling. Below are some pictures of our trip... my mom got busy with the camera which took her stress and eyes off the road.


ICK... yes, that is a car in the ditch facing oncoming traffic.

The last picture is the steady and trustworthy family vehicle that got us there and back, safe and sound!

We ordered two cribs, two dressers, the mattresses, the toddler rails, and the adult rails. The cribs we picked will allow them to be toddler beds and turn into double beds as well. I think I can say it's the most money I have spent in 10 minutes! Pictures will follow when they are set in the nursery... but delivery is out 10-12 weeks which makes me kind of nervous!

Saturday night we hosted some family members that were up for Elle's Baptism. Adam's aunt Cathy and uncle Bill, his parents, his Grandma, and Aunt Missy came over to order Ted's Pizza and play quarters. We also cannot forget about Elle, Missy, and Dave as well!

Notice Izzie peeking over my arm... she is running out of room on my lap!

Elle Marie was Baptised on Sunday and Adam and I are Co-God Parents. She was the cutest in her gown (made by Adam's Grandma and worn by other cousins) and the bow in her hair.

Elle is so lucky to have two sets of god parents that will always look out for her... and spoil her.
Not crazy about this next picture... It's bad of both Adam and I, but we could not be prouder of our beautiful niece, Elle Marie.

Last but not least, news on the BABIES! We had our appointment today (Monday, November 15th) and we got to see the little bambinos on the big screen. NOOOO we did not find out the gender! The best part of the ultra sound was right away they were punching each other. OK not so true, Baby A was hitting Baby B. Baby B seems to have the shorter end of the stick with being cramped up and having to deal with punches. I have been feeling A LOT of movement and had a pretty good idea on their placements, but today confirmed it. Baby A has his/her head down and is positioned on my left side and Baby B has his/her head right below my right rib (and I can feel it) and his/her legs are down by Baby A's head. Basically they are smelling each others feet but the arms are positioned to be able to punch each other.

Like I said earlier, little Baby B is kind of cramped and was at a bad angle for a good profile shot but here is the best one below... You can see a very tiny nose and the other little blob is it's fist, or boxing glove.
Baby A was a little more cooperative and you can see the profile better. What a cute little nose!

Some quick Stats from today's appointment:

Baby A: 1 lb. 4 oz Heartbeat: 150

Baby B: 1 lb. 3 oz. Heartbeat: 141

They are sharing a placenta and as long as they stay similar in size all is good! Otherwise we don't want one to be stealing all the nutrients. I am measuring 7 weeks over. If you remember from last time, I was 4 weeks over. Oh Boy... big belly, here we come! But... the past 3-5 weeks was a big growth spurt for the babies. We go back in four weeks and I have the dreaded blood sugar test. We will also have another ultrasound at this time and probably every four weeks from now on. It is scary to think that after our next appointment, I am scheduling appointments for every two weeks! Then we will move to every week! Eeek. Time is flying by!

We have a lot to be thankful for!

Amy & Adam

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