Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Bump

Ok... Not so much a bump but maybe a hill. It will soon be a mountain, which makes me a bit nervous! This week is ALL ABOUT the BABIES.
Week 23
The first picture is with the BIG belly covered.

I really don't feel that large on a daily basis... but WOW when you catch a direct side profile the babies are there! Many of the books I am reading state that friends may start to notice the expanding belly... Ummm the MAILMAN made a comment to me last week! Adam and I have also noticed while out and about people's eyes go from my face to my belly.

Then there is the full belly shot... yes, that is a smile on my face still.
The babies continue to be very active. Often times the two are active at the same time. Sometimes though, I can tell that just Baby A is moving and then goes still and Baby B will move at a complete separate time. It is crazy to feel both moving at the same time. It's like there is a boxing and kicking match going on!
The Babies continue to grow as they are working hard to build more body fat. Their skin is still wrinkled but their body and face are beginning to assume more of the appearance of an infant at birth. Their main job right now is to put on weight and fat and strengthen their systems that are already developed. As our doctor said on Monday, "They will continue to grow and we need to keep them in the womb as long as possible!"
We received a letter from our doctor this week confirming pretty much what the ultrasound techs told us last Monday at our appointment. But, after viewing the radiologists report, Dr. Walker wanted to let us know that the babies actually have their own placentas. It takes some stress off of us worrying about one twin stealing all the nutrients as they have their own supply. Otherwise everything looked great and there were no concerns. We have another appointment in three weeks and we will have another ultra sound! We will have many pictures of the little ones before they are even born!
I am looking forward to only one and a half days with kiddos this week. Adam is looking forward to getting all the stores ready for Black Friday and kicking off their holiday season. The both of us look forward to spending time with family this week and eating all the yummy food that Thanksgiving brings!

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