Sunday, October 24, 2010

A package on our doorstep...

This week was Fall Parent/Teacher conferences. This years conferences were held on Thursday night and Friday morning (the kiddos didn't have school on Friday). It was nice as I only had a half day on Friday and conferences are done! Of the kids I case manage and some regular ed. kids in my homeroom class, I only has two conferences that were "bad" and they were nothing the parents didn't already know ;). Adam had fun with the camera each morning. As I hate being in pictures all by myself, I will include the pictures he took of me because it is probably the most dressed up I have been all year, and the most dressed up I will be until Elle's baptism in November!

Thursday Morning...

Friday Morning...

On Thursday night, when I got home from a long day of school and a night of parent teacher conferences, there was a package waiting for us on the dining room table!!!!! The package was from Adam's Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bill, and they are also his god-parents. It was a box with some of the cutest little outfits and a very nice card! It still brings home the reality when we get two of everything, and when we picture the little bodies filling in the clothes!

As I type this weeks post, the babies are listening to their Baby Einstein CD. As I read before, now that they can hear and their brains are continuing to develop, the music helps stimulate the development and make connections. In the last three days, I have been feeling a lot of movement. More when I am laying down and on my side. I am feeling more movement on one side more than the other, but I am thinking it all matters how each are laying and if one is kicking me, maybe the other is just kicking their brother/sister... I can't wait until the ultra sound in three weeks to see how they are positioned and growing! With feeling all the movement, I also can't wait for Adam to begin to feel them.

The babies now weigh about 7 ounces and are about 7 inches long. Between now and the time they are born, they will increase in weight more than 15 times! Not much else to report on this week, as the already developed systems just continue to get stronger and a little more more fine tuned... We will however, leave you with knowing that we are officially HALF WAY there! Meeting the 40 weeks with twins is almost unheard of, due to their room to grow so between last week and this week, it is safe to say we are half way there.

Thanks for checking in and a BIG thanks to Bill and Cathy for the special package!

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