Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Away

This week we had the excitement of hearing the babies heartbeats again and sneak out of town for the weekend. We are getting used to the idea of twins and it is natural for me to refer to the "babies" and "they", but nothing can take you back to the feeling of hearing the two distinct heartbeats!!! This appointment was quite routine with the measuring of my uterus, hearing the heartbeats, and then the doctor threw in the idea of having my hemoglobin checked again. Needless to say, he called me after the appointment stating that the babies were taking all they needed and leaving me with very little iron. So I was put on iron as well. Maybe that will help with me still feeling quite tired all day!

Stats from the last appointment at 13 weeks:
Heartbeats (maybe two separate) : 150
Measuring 13 centimeters at 13 weeks (should match up in a singleton pregnancy)

Stats from this weeks 17 week appointment:
Two distinct Heartbeats!!!
Right Side Baby: 144
Left Side Baby: 160
(Dr. Walker didn't really say Baby A or B)
Measuring 21 centimeters at 17 weeks... 4 weeks larger than "normal". When I say this the question that follows is "Are they going to move your due date?" The answer is NO. "Normal" is a singleton pregnancy. There are TWO babies in there, so I will probably always measure 4 weeks large.

This has been a great week! With only two and a half days with kiddos, the week went by fast and it is always nice to have PD days to see friends from different buildings in the district! We ended out the week by sneaking away to Adam's parents house. Adam stated that it felt like a vacation, and I have to agree. We had the opportunity to have some GREAT meals and spend some time with the family. Adam said it felt like a vacation because he had the whole weekend off and not being at home feeling like something had to be done; he got to be lazy and relax!

The babies are already getting spoiled!!! We got two bins full of treats and needed "Stuff" for the babies.

Laura and Jerry just returned from Orlando earlier in the month. Needless to say they got the babies their first Disney Gear. They are already very SpOiLeD!

On Saturday afternoon, we went bumming. Adam feels left out that he never has a Saturday off to "bum", so we hit two baby boutiques in DePere. He walked in and looked at the prices and then he and Jerry"waited for us outside".

Look how thrilled he was to be at the second boutique!!!

Izzie made the trip with us like always... we cannot forget about her. She does so well in the car and feels right at home at Adam's parents house!

VERY BRIEF baby update:
(The belly picture is only because my sister demanded...)

18 Weeks
The belly is definitely making more of an appearance by the day. I don't feel like it is there as much as the picture shows, although this week has been the week were people who don't really know me or didn't know we were expecting, have asked when I am due without me having to tell them I am pregnant. I am 97% certain I have felt the babies move. In talking to others who are expecting and have felt recent movement, I haven't had the fluttering feeling move across my stomach, but I got to thinking I might not feel that since they are tight in there and going to stick to a side. I have felt some twitches/thumps and sometimes feels like my stomach drops like going over a steep hill in a car. The babies are the size of a sweet potato and are passing the hours practicing swallowing, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, and sucking.

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