Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gearing up for Babies!

I'll start out this week with a Belly Shot... I think I was more proud of the regular jeans buttoned and zipped. They lasted the entire day, until I wanted to put some sweatpants on due to the jeans pushing on my bladder. My belly continues to expand by the day. Sometimes I swear it is growing by the hour. I have "good" days and "bigger" days and it always seems that on a day I feel it is a "good" day I always get the most comments on my belly! I have yet to be sure I felt movement. Most feel movement within the 16-20 weeks span, but with two in there I would think that I would feel it sooner. Every now and then I will feel something and I am almost positive it was the babies, but then I talk myself out of it (gas).

16 Weeks

On Saturday I geared up for a full day of "Gearing up for the Babies." Missy, Elle, my mom, and I went to Woodbury to register for all the goods we will be needing. When Missy offered to help out, I could not turn down the chance to go with a "Pro". I was a little overwhelmed starting out at Babies R Us with all the stuff. All the pacifiers alone confused me! It helped to have someone who could guide me and give an honest opinion. After Babies R Us, Target was a breeze. I think it was because they had a lot less stuff, and I already pretty much knew what I was looking for! It continues to all sink in when I had to think about what I needed one of and what I would need two of. Hopefully our house sells soon, because we will need more room! :) It was a successful day and I thank Missy, Elle, and mom for all the help!

This was my first outing out in public with Baby Elle. It was amazing how many people commented on her hair. Missy has even had people (strangers) ask her if it is a wig!!!

She is such a CuTiE!

I got to spend all day with Elle, but Adam wanted to be able to spend some time with her as well so we grilled out later on Saturday evening. Adam can't get over how much she grows and changes each time we see her. He says she "looks like a real little person."

Proud Uncle Adam holding Elle. She loves to stand right now!

Ending with an adorable picture of Elle with her Uncle Adam.

~ Thanks for checking in! Amy and Adam.

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