Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Fall!

Fall is here! Fall is one of our favorite seasons. I love decorating the house for the Fall and Halloween! This past week of school was full of spirit for HoMeCoMiNg!!! It is a busy week with all sorts of activities, and a bit tiring with all the extra "Spirit" that the kiddos at school had. Adam, Izzie, and I capped of the homecoming week by going to the parade. Notice the winter gear... It was sort of chilly!

After the parade, we kept our tradition of the past couple years and ate at Ted's Pizza. Then we were off to the game. Menomonie played Superior and won 50 something to 14 (we left early). As I have been in the district for going on 7 years, it is fun to see the familiar names on the field that I had when they were 6th graders!
We ended our weekend with a Sunday drive to the apple orchard. The colors are beginning to turn and I was craving a fresh caramel apple, so we took a drive to the Maple Leaf Orchard in Spring Valley. We ended up buying some other apples to make apple crisp. Now I just need to find the time and energy to make it sometime early this week!
I had my first volleyball game this past week with my 7th graders. We played Altoona and they did a great job. We won 1 of the 4 games, but I knew the scoreboard would not show how my girls played. Altoona has a different coaching philosophy than Menomonie. They have "Try-Outs" at the 7th grade level, and they have teams divided up by ability. Well, we played the "A" Team and they had a server that played all 4 games and scored at least 15 points on us right off the bat while some of their girls never got playing time. :( At the 7th grade level, I truly enjoy seeing all girls play and watching all girls grow in their skills. My girls did a great job and I am excited for their next games this week!
Some other exciting new for this week.... Our house is FOR SALE! After long debating of when to sell and when to build, our goal is to now maybe/hopefully be in our new house before the babies are born! Of course all is now dependent on when and if our house will sell. We have been busy meeting with our builder so have everything set for when we get an accepted offer. This weeks big development was staking out the rectangle on our lot and trying to finalize some decisions on the house plans.

Baby Update (15 weeks): Sorry, no belly picture again! That isn't something that is in my daily routine... and believe me I have been forgetting ALOT lately!
The babies are close to the size of softballs weighing about 1 3/4 ounces and 4-4 1/2 inches long. Their eyes are continuing to move on their faces and their ears are continuing to develop externally. On some ultra sounds, babies at this stage can be seen sucking their thumbs. Lanugo Hair covers their little bodies with their thin skin. I have had more people at work make comments this week about my belly, and it really depends on what I wear. The day I got most comments I was wearing an actual maternity shirt and it was white (I get less looks and comments when I wear dark colors).

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