Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

I'll start out the post with the most exciting part of our week... Our doctor appointment on Monday afternoon! It has been four weeks since our last appointment and we were both excited to hear the heartbeats again. First going over all the results of the blood work that they drew the time before was pretty standard. Everything came back perfectly normal, even my iron which in the past has been low! The next part of the appointment was for the doctor to check my uterus... I didn't really feel like I have popped yet but I think he basically told me I have (and will continue to for the next 6 months). My uterus is right about at my belly button, maybe a tad higher. I was measuring 13 cm (from pubic bone to top of uterus) at 13 weeks! The measurements should match with your weeks, but he said they usually don't catch up with each other until 20 weeks. Without the prior ultrasound, Dr. Walker said with the size of my uterus, he would have ordered one thinking it was twins.

Next was hearing the heartbeats! We for sure heard one strong one at 160 beats per minute. As Dr. Walker moved around my abdomen, he heard another one that was about 157 beats per minute. He can not be sure that they were the two different heartbeats, and to be sure they need to be 10 beats different. That wasn't the case, but I feel we heard two. It felt to me he was in two very different spots. Either way, with they way I am "growing" we are confident both are healthy and growing strong. It is such an amazing experience! Another appointment in 4 weeks which will put me at 17 weeks, and an ultrasound at 21 weeks... most likely NOT going to find out the genders!

The pictures for this week are not too exciting... The first is the closet as it stands. Notice the Diapers we are beginning to buy with coupons. I am sure we will find a specific brand that we like, but hey... these were on sale and we had coupons!

The other picture is Adam practicing cuddling on the couch with babies. He said, "take my picture, I am practicing being a dad." Izzie sure is a cuddler and it isn't rare to find them in this position.

Last, but not least... The reason for the title. I told my students and my volleyball team about the twins this past Thursday. I again broke out some Twinkies and Doublemint gum. As I shared this treat I asked "Why might I be sharing this treat with you today?" Here are some responses:

"Because it's your BIRTHDAY!!!" - Nope.
"Because the Twins won last night and your a baseball fan." - Nope.
"Because you like Twinkies and they're your favorite." - Nope.

After more hints, someone said "YOUR HAVING TWINS!" Leave it to one of my students to say, "I noticed you were getting bigger," and another said "That's going to hurt when they are born!" Thanks kiddos...

The last quote I will share comes from my friends 10 year old son. Jamie and I were having a mini girls night out on Saturday night and as I went to pick her up at her house, her son ran to the window to sneak-a-peak at me. When I got into their house Jamie told me he said, "She isn't even that fat yet." Thanks Blais, I'll take that as a compliment!!!

Sorry - no belly picture this week. My mom was begging, but it didn't get done. Next week.

~Thanks for checking in... I either need to get better with the camera or we lead a pretty boring life.

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