Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer FUN!

Summer is here and there is definitely no sitting still in our house... I am tired just thinking about what we do in a week to keep these two little boys busy!  As you know from the last post, we have taken away the Paci's (we gave them to the deer), and I would like you all to know what we have survived a long week.  Saturday night the boys were excited to be bog boys and help out the baby deer who needed their Paci's.  Sunday they didn't nap, Sunday night bedtime was horrible and on Monday - day number 2 with no nap - I made them "rest".  We built beds on the floor and watched a movie.  If they don't nap - they still needed to rest.  Mommy isn't ready to have two no nappers ;) 
 The "rest time" turned into this.  Whew.  Eventually later in the week, we have made it to napping back in their beds and NOT ASKING for their pacifiers.  Bed times are getting better too!
 Sharing and sitting with in arms reach is a major accomplishment in this house.  I take pictures of it when it happens.  Ashton shared his blanket with his brother AND Aiden let his brother sit by him. :)
 Monday morning the BIG TRUCKS came to take our yard back to grade... sort of.  The boys were excited and wanted to play in the dirt before we had to go in the house to safety.

 The boys didn't know what window to go to!  We had cement trucks at the neighbors our front, the excavator in the back and a bob cat all over in the yard.
 They thought it was sooooo cool!  I thought it was too...  they were entertained and I could get some stuff done in the house!  No after picture of the yard.  Why you might ask?  It's not done!!!  Rain moved in and they pulled out all the equipment... now who knows when they will be back.  Maybe we'll get a little grass growing before fall.  I didn't even want the next thought to come out of my mouth - I kind of can't wait for winter so everything can be frozen and the D.I.R.T covered up with clean white stuff!
 I will try to remove the word dirt from my vocabulary... Because of our lack of grass, we have picnics at the park to play outside in green grass.  Yes, our version of a picnic is packing a cooler and also stopping by Arby's for sandwiches and curly fries.  A modern day picnic.

 Wakanda Park.  Ashton loves the slides... Aiden isn't sure about going down them all by himself.

Wednesday morning the boys went to visit their friends at Bonnie's so I could head to Madison for a conference on Thursday and Friday.  It was a great time with some friends and colleagues from work.  State Street and the Capitol area are BEAUTIFUL! 
 Friday night we played with Fin.  Fin is the little boys who is building a house right across the street.  Looking at these pictures, you could think they were triplets with all the blonde hair!  Fin is two months older than the boys and he gives Ashton and Aiden a run for their money with his energy.  It is going to be so much fun watching these boys grow together.  He will have a baby sister any day too!  Fin cries if they come to look at their house and Ashton and Aiden are not outside.  Too Cute.
 There are NO pictures of all three sitting still for a picture.
 deciding who was going to go get the ball in the mud
 Fin has no fear. 
 I cannot even imagine what these three boys are going to get into in the upcoming years.
 On Saturday, Gramma and Grampa came to visit.  I love this picture for two reasons... 1st is Gramma looks SO GREAT!  2nd is how happy and excited Aiden is to be going on a walk with everyone.  Looking at the sky in some of the pictures, we are lucky to have been able to go on a walk.

 With all the rain, of course there are plenty of puddles to throw rocks in...

 Aiden found a "Fishing Pole".  To quote him it is a "Sishing Pole."  The neighbor boy is also "Sin."  He isn't emphasizing his F's right now.

Aiden is pretty proud of finding sticks... The next is a picture that Adam sent to me during the week while I was in Madison.
 Look at Gramma keep up with the Little's!  I think she wanted to run!
 The walk took quite a while.  We would walk five steps and wait for the kids to catch up and to get them all moving the same direction was the key.  Elise was the easiest to control in the stroller.  I call taking care of her in Door County this year!  ;)

 Uncle Dave had all their attention when he was throwing rocks.  They thought it was PRETTY COOL that Uncle Dave could throw a rock from the road and make it to the pond! 

 Looking for sticks in the yard mud for a quick fire to make S'mores.

 All the kiddos LOVE their time with Grampa and Grampa.  Aiden getting some special time with one of his favorites...

 Today the weather cooperated so we could do the water park after nap.  We took Dad last Sunday for Father's Day and the boys have been asking to go back every day since.  They have also already asked if we can go back tomorrow, I guess we'll make use of the season pass we bought!
 These two water bugs still like their basketballs.

 "Swimming Mommy!"

 Playing together... makes my heart melt for a couple minutes.  *Then one splashes and they get mad at each other.
 We have nothing planned for this week or this weekend.  Ahhhhh. 
Take Care, Check back next week.
~The A Team

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