Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day! 
 Daddy and his two little boys... content as bugs next to the water.

 We were busy today celebrating Daddy.  We got up and took him out for breakfast.  daddy got to choose so we went to The Family Restaurant, and the boys were well behaved. *That is not a give in anymore.  We have a lot of talks about behaving and being big boys when out in public.  I think the terrible twos have hit us right in the face the last couple weeks.  ;)  We had a great day with breakfast, grilling out with Uncle Nate and Aunt Katie (and family) and we went to the water park for the first time this season (no pictures though).
Maybe we have seen a naughty side of the boys because they are tired!  I look back over the week and I cannot believe we do what we do and how busy we really are!
This past Wednesday was the last day at Bonnie's for the regular school year.  The boys made their friends some dirt cake.  Why dirt cake you might ask?!?!  Dirt rules our world right now at home AND they L.O.V.E digging in the sand box at Bonnie's.  She has a HUGE sandbox and the coolest trucks.
 If they could only take a treat everyday, they would be excited to get up, dressed and out of the house in no time!

 Wednesday night the boys were looking forward to go and watch Uncle Dave play Baseball... only for the game to get canceled because the filed was wet ;(  We went to Wakanda Park anyway to see the animals.  Aiden knew exactly what to do and where to go find them!

 Aiden is really starting to use his expressive language.  Multiple times this week he told me he "LOVED" things and they were his "FAVORITE".  He loved this pole, he loves ice-cream and he loves Baby Nora (Nora is our neighbors 2 month old baby).  Often times these declarations of love come out of the blue.  Many people this week were his favorite also... unfortunately I don't think I was ever his favorite.

 It amazes me how these  two little boys are not one ounce scared of the HUGE animals on the other side of the fence...

 Continuing to get our animal fix in we spent our first Thursday together (Adam is off Thursdays) at Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls.  Adam had never been there before and the boys loved showing them around.
 Aiden felt so comfortable, he wanted to chase the chickens like at Bonnie's.  Yep - that's him on the other side of the fence!
 Then he got mad that he couldn't go in with the donkeys and chase the chickens.
 Ashton was good staying on the right side of the fence.  He isn't crazy about the animals close to him, as this is the first time he didn't choose to just sit in the wagon. ;)
 That is one fuzzy donkey!
 The loved the bunnies.
 The tigers were sleeping...

 but the bears were active!
 The best  part about Irvine Park... The dump Truck in the parking lot!
 After Irvine Park we visited Elle and Elise for some pool fun and lunch.

 One might think that we were all done with our Thursday... NOPE!  We napped and went to gymnastics.  This is a weekly event so I won't bore you with the same pictures... but we did get to try the rope this week!

 The kids ended with the parachute and playing a "Finding Nemo Game."  The parachute was the ocean and when a kid's name was called, they had to run to the middle and find Nemo.
 Aiden found him!
 Ashton too!
 After gymnastics we had a picnic lunch at the park.  After eating we walked down by the water and threw rocks.

 Brothers... sharing a tree stump... for a minute.  I snapped this picture right before Aiden pushed Ashton off.
 While at the park Jamie, our builder< called and said he dropped off some hats for the boys at the house.  They are a little bit big, but they love that they are from "Jamie and Tim"!  I think this next series of pictures is funny... first of all notice Ashton's "Smile Eyes" and Aiden's hands up his shorts...
 Aiden's hands...
 "Aiden get your hands out of your shorts!"  :)
 That was one busy Thursday!
Friday we went to watch Uncle Dave play.  Aiden would have followed Dave on the field if he could have.
 Elle sharing her Daddy with Aiden.
 See Uncle Dave in there?!?!  How can we fit Elise on?
 The best part of baseball games?  EATING THE ENTIRE TIME.  Even Elise was eating some crackers...
 Despite Saturday being cloudy... we joined Reese for some pool fun at her house.  It's nice to spend some time on grass and get out of our dirt piles.
 Summer is here and we are done procrastinating.  We figure that we are keeping the boys busy enough so they crash at night so GONE WITH THE PACI's.  Yes, I know - they are 2 1/2 and they still looked forward to the paci for bedtime and nap time only.  I think Adam and I looked forward to bedtime and nap time just as much as the boys and they layed down without a peep.  It was our savior after 14 months of not sleeping through the night at first and it was they boys' comfort.  We took them away on Saturday night at I am not going to lie, it has been rough.  They went down okay on Saturday night because they were all excited about being big boys...
 No more babies!
We left the paci's out for the deer.  The baby deer need them now.
 When they woke up this morning, they found the Mommy Deer gave them new race cars saying "Thank You for the Paci!"
This morning they were trying to give their blankets to the deer too (to get more cars)!  Well ------ the deer having their paci's at nap time today didn't go ever well, so after an hour of crying... THEY DIDN'T NAP.  Bedtime at 6:30 didn't go so well either, but we are not giving in.  I say that until nap time tomorrow and all summer long when I am home with the boys.  No seriously - I know it will get better.  Right!?!?
The last two years, I believe the Father's Day cards I picked out had something to do with beer and patience.  Not on purpose. 
Stay Calm and Carry On.
Pray for naps this week and happy/rested little boys.  :)
Stay Calm and Carry On...  Stay Calm and Carry On...

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