Sunday, June 9, 2013

Random Week...

Usually, as I look back through the pictures from the week, I can think of a theme or a catchy title to recap what we did.  Not this week.  We sure were busy with some randomness.  This week was my last week with kiddos at school and our summer activities overlapped with still being VERY BUSY at work.  Although it feels like we live in London, Scotland, or Ireland... we made the best of the weather.  We had drizzle, rain, and no sun which DID NOT make it feel like the last week or school or June, for that matter!  The boys are getting good on their balance bikes...

 So good, Aiden wanted to go "Off Roading".

 Adam caught a visitor in the back yard.  The unwanted visitor eats all the bird food, and only comes out when the boys are already in bed.  No fun... go away.
 On Thursday I had two little visitors who brought me lunch at work.  They were L.O.V.E.D. by my students and they had a blast writing on my whiteboard!

 Thursday night we started our summer activity of Gymnastics or "Tumbling" as Adam calls it.  I am excited to keep the boys busy and see how well they listen to their "teacher."  we purposefully kept our distance to see what they would do and they did GREAT!  They had a "bug" that they met on the carpet with and they had to wait their turns on it and carry it around with them to each station.  ;)
 Balance Beam

 We even got some fancy leg kicks out of Ashton!
 Swinging like a Monkey and loving it.  they were smiling the whole time!
 Ashton was a bit too tall... we couldn't really swing as his feet kept hitting.
 Ashton stretching... Aiden was a bit shy for this part.  They also got to run and jump on a springboard and jump on the trampoline.  I have to figure out how to get a video clip uploaded here, but otherwise head to facebook and check it out.  They are pretty BIG JUMPERS without balance at first ;)
Saturday - I think they sun came out for a bit.  Where else were we besides playing in the back yard dirt.

 Enjoying a sucker. 
 Aiden is a ham right now for the camera.  Ashton not so much.  You will see his smile later.

 Izzie loves exploring.  I hate her dirty paws every. time. she. goes. outside. potty.

 Saturday night we decided we needed to practice making S'mores for Door County!
 The Boys had to help Daddy gather sticks!

 Took a quick break - the dirt was calling their name.

 Yummmmm... they liked the chocolate and marshmallow the best, who need the graham crackers?!?!

 Ashton has just a little on his face... saving it for later!  ;)
Today, despite the weather we headed South to Durand.  It was their Fun Fest Parade and Katie's parent live right on the first block of the parade route... can you say CANDY?!?!?!  Some of the candy stayed in the mud puddle right in front of us  ;(
 It only rained on us a little bit... glad we went and weren't stuck in the house ALL AFTERNOON.  Thanks for the invite Uncle Nate and Katie!
 Grandma Marlene (Katie's Mom) brought out some buckets for the boys.  Once they were comfy in their chairs with their buckets, they were sending Nana, Daddy, and Uncle Nate in the road to gather the candy for them.  Lazy little stinkers.  I was worried about them running into traffic, not planting their butts in their chairs with buckets of candy!
 So proud!  Anyone need wet, sticky, rain soaked candy?

 Here is Ashton's smile.  When you tell him to smile, he gets really serious and flutters his eyes.  He takes the saying literally that you need to "Smile with your Eyes."
 After the parade, the rain held off so we walked down to the fair.  The boys went on their very first fair ride by themselves.  I was worried they would
a) get freaked out and cry
b) get freaked out and try to take the seat belt off and jump out
c) love it
They liked it, maybe not loved it.

 Aiden wanted to go down the BIG slide... Aiden loved it.  He had a huge smile on his face the entire time and was giggling.  Ashton was undecided weather he should cry or laugh.

 We had two last tickets to use up... so Uncle Nate got a turn!  Again - Aiden loved it, and Ashton's look on his face says it all.
 From one slide to another...
 Right nest to the rides, there was a play area.  This was free and could have kept the boys busy all day!
 Aiden and Daddy taking a break from playing to watch the Firemen Water Fights.
 They aimed their hoses at the barrel hanging on the wire.  Whatever team moved it to the opponents side first - won.
 I remember these from when I was little.  Diggers!
I need to get better an writing some things down that the boys say.  I find myself laughing out loud at them daily at some of the things they say.  One I remember from this week was:
Aiden:  On the way home from Bonnie's he was humming.  He then says "Mom, I singing."
Me: "Yes, Honey I hear you."
Aiden: "I good at singing."
Me: "Yes you are very good."
Aiden: "I sing my ABC's.
Aiden also told Ashton to "Be quiet, stop talking,  I am trying to look at two dog's out my window."
Let's hope we see the sun this week!

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