Sunday, June 2, 2013

3rd Annual NICU Reunion

This past weekend was a special weekend for our family.  We headed to the cities on Saturday for a morning filled with fun.  Once again, we didn't do the Baby Steps 3K... maybe next year?!?!  This time of year is so difficult and busy with my school year ending (excuses, excuses).
1st Year (2011)
 2nd Year (2012)
 This year... 2013
How long is Daddy going to be able to hold the boys like this?
 Heading in to the Grandstands at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds... HUGE Cement Balls ;)

 Once inside... they found more balls.  These two little boys are obsessed with sports balls!

 I hope we can continue to do this as the boys get older and know more about their story of being preemies.  It is amazing seeing kids wearing t-shirts saying they were one pound miracles, and parents wearing "Proud Parents of a Preemie" shirts.  I commented to Adam that this is definitely a place where we feel of the norm.  This is a place to go where singleton babies may be out numbered by twins and triplets (often born prematurely).  I thought this was a cute wagon... you see all sorts of double and triple strollers!  I asked this mother if the train expanded for other kids, and she said "three is enough!"  Then she said, "You ONLY have two!"  Haha that is the truth... I could imagine being out numbered. 
 This was the first bounce house that the boys wanted to go in!  They had a blast.
 All I could see was these two little blonde heads  ;)

 They did it a bit different this year with a boxed breakfast.  In the past there was hot dogs and burgers.  This year it was a box with grapes, yogurt, a muffin, string cheese and juice.  It was Yummy!
 Look at these two big HEALTHY boys.  I can't believe they once fit in this isolette.  We spent soooo many hours standing around these and changing our first diapers with our arms through the holes.
 They boys checking it out...

 Children's will always be a special place to us.  We actually go back in July for another kidney check-up.
 Saturday night we had some company.  Look at THIS FACE!  Elise is growing up too fast!
 Pretty Girl.
 In no time, she will be giving these three a run for their money.
 Bedtime snack = yogurt. Every. Night.

 They were all sharing yogurt.  Yummmmm.
I feel like this week is a short blog week, but that is okay.  I could have taken more pictures of the boys playing in the dirt, shoveling in the dirt, and playing trucks in the dirt... but then thought that I will take a week off of the dirt pictures.  I am trying to ignore the dirt this week.
This week brings the last week of work for this school year with kiddos in the classroom.  It is a busy time, but exciting to think about spending summer days with the boys!
Happy June! 

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