Monday, May 27, 2013

Nana's Birthday

We have had a busy last few days and it feels like we have spent more time out doors than indoors.  This means sweeping up dirt off the floors and doing many loads of laundry today.  We started out the holiday weekend on Friday night celebrating Nana's birthday.  We were going to go out to eat, but then thought that you only turn 60 once... so why not invite some friends and family over to the house.  Nana didn't know about these plans, so she came over thinking she was riding with us to Buffalo Wild Wings.   It was a nice night, and the boys LOVED wishing Nana "Happy Birthday" every five minutes.  We had cake tonight again, and they still were wishing Nana Happy Birthday.  Hmmmm - no pictures of Nana, she avoids the camera well.

 All the teenagers had out their cell phones... Uncle Nate too.  What would we do without technology?
 Brandon made a surprise visit with his brother, Josh.
 Mikayla,,, probably on Pinterest or Facebook!
 The boys LOVE Price.
 Especially Aiden, sticking pretty close to his buddy.
 What could possibly have the boys' attention so closely?  Even Daddy is intrigued!
 A Boom Truck from Menard's of course.  Dropping off the brick for Daddy's weekend project.
 What else would we do besides play in the dirt?  Brothers...

 Sunday morning, Adam started his project.  He has two little helpers for most of the morning.  Then he has two little supervisors enjoying their snack.  Break Time!
 The start of the retaining wall in the front, finished product later in the blog.
 Sunday night we joined some friends for a grill out.  Here they are running up and down the driveway... all went to bed well this night ;)  Reese is a month younger than the boys.  So fun to watch them grow together!
 Waiting for the fire.
 Aiden is drawn to boys.  He loves his buddies and we hear about Brigs for days after we see him... "Brigs go?  My sit by Brigs!  See Brigs?"
 Brigs helping the boys break some wood for the fire.
 Don't you dare try sneaking outside without two little helpers.  Especially if it involves dirt and a shovel!

 Today, my Uncle Steve "Cowboy" came over to help Adam finish the retaining wall out front.  It looks great... THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE HELP!

The hard part done... Now we can get the yard back to grade think about planting grass in the fall and finish the stone work... and...and...and...  ;)
 Adam sent this to me during the week from his phone... WORMS!
What more could two little boys ask for?  Dirt...
 and trucks.  They love their "Scoopers, Dumpers, Graters, and Diggers" right now.
Speaking of trucks... they got the COOLEST shirts in the mail this week from Gramma and Grampa!  They are so cool, we had to put them on right when they opened them, keep them clean through supper, take them off but keep them where we could see them for bath time, put them on their chair for bedtime, and wear them the next day to Bonnie's.  They would have slept in them if they could have.  What kind of shirt are they?  CAT shirts straight from the CAT Plant that Grampa visited for work.  Thanks Grampa!
Thanks for checking in! 
The A Team.

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