Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wisconsin Weather

This darn Wisconsin Winter is really playing with us!  I was amazed looking back at this weeks pictures with the weather being nice and "springy"... to winter... and back to spring again today!  Earlier in the week the weather was BEAUTIFUL.  No more snow and everything finally drying out.  We are spending all of our time on the blacktop which means the fire trucks are finally getting some use.

 Aiden thought that his truck HAD to be parked next to Mommy's truck...
 One of the nights (I forgot what one) we ate supper and then made our first trip of the season to Dairy Queen.  Notice Aiden has two cones.  Mommy's was better than his I guess ;)  *Crooked little cheese face.

 Ashton didn't even care that his brother was eating two cones.  He was LOVING his one! 
 Ice cream on the tip of his nose and he now thinks you need to close your eyes when you smile ;)
 These two boys sure love the dirt and we have plenty of it!
 We walk the surrounding lots and fields for Izzie to enjoy some grass.
 Best Buddies.  Not so sure if Izzie would agree with that statement, but Ashton sure loves his Izzie.

 I think she's wondering if we really should trust Ashton with her.  The boys holding her leash makes her nervous.
 As we were just enjoying the spring nights, Winter happened again.  Just pure craziness.  We had a snow day on Thursday!  I think we had over a foot of snow... maybe 16 inches I heard.  I couldn't really tell you because our power went out at 6 am on Thursday and didn't come back on until 11pm that night.  We missed all news coverage while we were trying to find things to do with the boys.  The weather like this, no power, no water, and no heat in the house was not how we wanted to spend our "day off".  We ended up staying at Nana's for the night so we could shower and sleep with some heat!  Trees are down all over.  We have about seven small to medium sized ones that will need to come down, thankfully none close enough to fall on the house!  I didn't even want to dig out their winter clothes again... WINTER IS DONE.
 With snow, mud, mud, and more mud again... we were looking for something different to do.  On Saturday morning we packed up and went to Chaos Water Park for something to do.  The boys had a blast for a short time.  After about a hour I couldn't watch them shiver anymore!  The water was FREEZING and there felt like there was a fan on blowing cold air in.  Brrrrr.... we had some deep purple lips!  Oh well - we got out of the house and it wore them out.

 While digging for their swim trunks, I found some special pants that were tucked away from one of their baby showers.  My friend Jamie and her family bought the boys their first hockey sticks and their first Grandma Pants.  They finally fit!!!  They wanted to sleep in the and Aiden was pretty excited that they were from Brigs. 

 I documented the boys playing together this morning.  They are quite lucky to always have a playmate around.  This morning the took all the pillows from our bed...
 Put them in a laundry basket...
 Then put them on the dresser...
 Buried each other (those are Aiden's feet sticking out)...
 and jumped into them.
 I sit back and watch them play independently... but I can't go too far as they love to rough-house and with in the blink of an eye it can turn to a fight or someone gets hurt.

 With the snow almost all gone... again... tonight we were back outside.  Anything they can do with Daddy is a great time!
 Shovels... dirt... what more can they ask for?

 It is going to be a long summer.  Dirt, dirt, dirt and more dirt.  If the weather would cooperate, we would get a driveway, patio, stone, stained columns and a sidewalk.  Once that is done they will haul in more dirt and shape our yard... and then we could maybe start thinking about planting grass and having a yard to landscape.  But right now it's a waiting game and we can do NOTHING.  I feel like raking or something... ick.  
 So with no yard or driveway to play on we do a lot of walking to the open lots around us...
 and throw rocks in the drainage ponds.

 More firetrucks...
 Daddy being silly and riding too!  I accidentally made the comment that the firetrucks don't go fast enough for the boys so I think Adam is on the iPad next to me shopping four-wheelers.

As we are out and about more we are meeting our neighbors.  With three houses complete in our development and two more being started this week it should be a busy summer of meeting people!  By this fall there should be seven kiddos all under the age of three on our road... yay!
That is it from our neck of the woods.

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