Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Fish 'n Fire

Just another week in the summer...  We are trying to stay busy.  The busier we are the less fights and arguments happen!  I wasn't sure how long the water table would stay just water... mud pies have been made in it too! 
 The next pictures I only included because of Aiden's facial expressions.
 I caught this picture right before it splashed back in his face ;)
I scrub Aiden's hands nightly thinking they are dirty.  Nope - just SUPER tan!  How do you keep sunblock on the hands of this busy little boys who is always digging in the dirt or in the water?  Ashton has quite the tan line on his neck too.  We do hats, swim shirts (usually) and sun block... I swear!  We just LIVE outside.
 Staying cool... but the water table only works for so long.
 However they did learn to suck up the water and spit it at each other... yum.
 Getting a little bored with the water table, we picked up a pool this past week.  It didn't take long for Aiden to find the nicest place in the pool.
 Sucking up more water to spit it out... Door County should be fun ;)
 One of the days this past week, we took a trip to Fleet Farm (Sweet Sarm as Aiden would say) to buy some "Siffing Poles" to catch some "Siff with Briggs".  We had a Fish and Fire to go to this weekend, so we needed to practice catching the big one.
 They were catching Siff in the pool!
 Swim diapers are expensive and for as often as we are in and out of the pool AND outside ALL DAY, why not practice peeing on the rocks?  If you drive by, don't be alarmed if you see two little boys in the Superman and Batman Undies...  Side note - Ashton is doing quite well with the undies.  He will pee on the rocks on his own and wants to try in the toilet all the time.  Aiden shows no interest, but I think once Ashton does it fully, he will want to try.
 Undies, Bikes, and Helmets.  Love it!
Friday night Uncle Dave has a baseball game!  This means play time with Elle and Elise, eating all through the game, and having a blast.

 The Rueber's had a special treat for the kiddos... Baseball Gloves!  We had told them to put it on their Christmas list, but who can play baseball in December?  These gloves and balls have gone to bed with them every night and have gone every where with us this weekend!  Thanks so much Elle, Elise, Aunt Missy and Uncle Dave!

 Saturday we had the First Annual SuMmEr Fish 'n Fire at Reese, Brooke and Nate's house.  The weather started out shaky but it turned out to be a great day!  They have done this in the winter for a couple years now, but we also thought summer was a good time to get together, have a fishing contest, and some fun on the lake.  I didn't count how many kiddos there were ranging from 13 to 6 months.  A LOT of little ones and so much fun.
 Ashton found Remington's trucks right away...

 There was a HUGE basketball and hoop...
 Ashton crossed a little golf with some baseball...
 and they bounced, and BoUnCeD, and BOUNCED!

We took turns sharing our baseball gloves too. (A friend, Jess Wayne took these next pictures so I cannot take credit for them).  Her son is Remington in the middle.

 The boats were pretty cool!  The real fishing poles with hooks scared me...

 Aiden was sooooo excited to go fishing.  He kept catching the same yellow fish over and over.  No hooks for us this year ;)
 The edge of the lake is icky, icky, icky.  Green slime, but away from shore it was not bad at all.  It doesn't stink (yet) so it wasn't bad.
 If you look close though, Aiden flung some slime up on his eye... gross.
 Catching some Siff.
 Brigs' dad took us for a boat ride.  Not so sure about it at first, but then they loved it!

 They noticed that if they hid behind the windshield, it wasn't as windy.  I think they would have crawled up into it if they could. 
 They thought it was pretty cool that we could go under the bridge with the big trucks over us.  We also got a close up of the cranes building the new bridge!

 Aiden always loves watching Brigs and the big kids play.

 Sunday we went to the Beach in Spring Valley.  This is the first beach of the year and Aiden does not like to be dirty!  When eating he needs his hands wiped all the time and he hates when dirt gets in his crocs... so how did the beach go?  No tooooo bad... He didn't like the little bit of seaweed right along shore though.

 Ashton isn't afraid to dig right in and get dirty.

 Aiden stood and watched Ashton get dirty and used his shovel to touch the dirt.

 Reese invited us... so much fin!  Thanks for the invite.
 Fruit snacks and a picnic lunch... it would be a day if we didn't eat our way through.
 last night we had our first corn on the cob of the season.  The boys loved it - just like last year!

 Daddy worked hard to sell the mini bikes that were way too big for the boys to get their own four wheelers.  Their fire trucks were too slow for them and the mini bikes sold so - HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY BOYS.  We didn't want to give them these in January... plus Daddy will probably have snowmobiles by then.  Aiden would not leave Daddy's side while putting them together.
 So Excited!  The batteries were being charged so all they could do last night was sit on them.

 Checking out every single inch, screw, button, and sticker!

Adam put the batteries in this morning before he went to work.  I was nervous about being home alone when they wanted to ride them... but there was no keeping them off.  They are figuring them out, being a little reckless, and we made it up the road and back safely this morning.  Whew.  Helmets are needed though because they will crash sooner or later?!?!
I will have more pictures of them driving them next week...
HAPPY 4th of JULY.  Stay Safe.
The Wamboldt's

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