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Happy 3rd Birthday Elle!

The story of my life... just a little bit behind and hate the feeling.  To get caught up I will fly through the last two weeks.  We have some typical summer days, the 4th of July, and Elle Marie's 3rd Birthday!!!!  Here we go -
One night we were wanting ice cream and even though we had some in the freezer - Dairy Queen is so much more fun!  Fun for these two little boys.  I believe Mom and Dad didn't even order anything because whatever we get, looks SO MUCH better to the boys and then they don't eat their cones.
 Ice Cream Faces.  Love them.  (I think they were having just as much fun watching all the cars go past, tractors, and HUGE trucks)
 We usually find something to do during our days together.  This day we visited a park we don't usually go to on the way to the Farmer's Market.  The boys thought they were pretty cool being able to run on a "Baseball Field Like Uncle Dave!"
 At story time this week the theme was Dinosaurs.  The boys just happened to also pick a dinosaur movie out from the library so I was quite impressed when Ashton ran to this toy and said, "Look Mom - a triceratops!"  Ummm... he also pointed out a volcano in the book during story time and a stegosaurus.  Smart little boy!
 Big boys getting braver and braver... climbing.  "Look at me Mom - All by my self!"  we are in the "Look at Me" stage.  They want anyone and everyone to look at them when they feel they are doing something special ;)
 Ashton LOVED swinging last year, to the point he would fall asleep in the swing.  Not so much this year, he just wants "baby pushes" to barely make the swing move. 
 Not Aiden!  "Higher, higher... BIG push!"
 We are loving our season pass to the Wakanda Water Park!  We use it a few times a week...
I am trying to not use fast food as a convenient lunch when we are out and about... but sometimes we need ice cream... and then we can play!  Aiden is pretty proud of how high he can climb... "Look at me MOM!"
 One of the nights we met Elle and Elise at the pool and walked over to Uncle Dave's baseball game afterward.  The boys don't watch Uncle Dave... they PLAY!

 The morning of the 4th, Missy and I ran the Fire Cracker 5K.  I didn't feel that great with this run... I have said earlier that I need to run more than once a month if I want to keep improving my times. Ugh.  Missy ran great and got another PR!  Ya-Hooo!
 After we ran the Rueber's came over for some play time and lunch before we went out separate ways for 4th of July Celebrations with some friends.  Elle may L.O.V.E pink and sparkles and princesses - BUT she also can keep up with the boys and rides the 4-wheelers right along with them.  She even found how they go off-roading quite quick! 
 Elise was even driving the fire trucks (with mommy's help).
 The boys are getting more confident and need to LOOK WHERE THEY ARE GOING.  Drives me crazy.  I get out my running shoes to keep up with them up and down the road!

 After naps we went out to the Hasse's house for some good food, great friends, and FiReWoRkS!  The boys are enthralled with older kids.  Especially older kids that play baseball!

 When we see Brigs, we hear about him for WEEKS!
 It so fun that the time has come where we can actually sit, chat, eat and sip some drinks while the boys play independently with other kids.
 Aaron (Blais and Brigs) giving the boys some baseball tips.

The boys thought the fireworks were pretty cool, but only held one sparkler once I told them they could be hot...
 Price and Elly came over to visit one night... Price can't sit down with Aiden around and Aiden insisted on playing baseball!

 Look at that little stance!  How cute!?!?!?  They have not put these baseballs and gloves down since they got them from the Rueber's!
 Ashton may be a soccer player...
 I caught this picture one night before bed... Aiden relaxing with dad.
 The Saturday after the 4th of July we went to Steve and Janie's for a Gilbert-Get-Together.  His nickname is "Cowboy" and the boys call him "Uncle Cowboy".  He is so good with the boys and the boys LOVE him!
 Playing bean bags.

We brought their 4-Wheelers because there is a ton of room to ride them just in the yard... let alone the fields around.  Needless to say the boys found the high gear and they won't put it back into low.  Ever.  Now I really need my running shoes to keep up.  We need helmets.  Not kidding.  Look at this little face... Loving It!  Uncle Steve was having them race through the yard for nickels.  Oh Boy!
This little fish found the pool...

 The latest and greatest, filling their mouths and spitting it at you!
 Sunday we met Missy, Dave, Elle, and Elise at the Beach.  Practicing for Door County!

 After the beach the kiddos played a bit.  Adam was brave to take all four kids for a bit!  I got Elise to sleep before I left and he entertained the other three.  He survived!
 This last Wednesday we met Aunt Missy, Elle and Elise at the water park with some of their friends.  It was fun while it lasted... I am not sure if I will try water park again before naps (we usually go AFTER).  :)

 Last Thursday was Elle's Birthday!!! She got to pick what to do, she choose The Children's Museum and we joined.  It was a fun day!
 Big Boy in a Little Boat!
 Elise wondering who the little girls in the mirror is...
 Ashton liked the money at the bank... that a' boy!
 Both cooked me lunch... What did I get?
 A cupcake - Perfect
 Aiden asked if we could let the "Siffs" go back in the lake.
 They always find the train table and LOVE it... and they don't play with their at home that often... how does that work?

 The boys love the water...

 After the museum we went to Elle's house for lunch and she HAD to open a present on her birthday (the rest are saved for her party on Saturday)!

On Thursday night we had our last night of gymnastics.  We will miss the last two weeks while we are on vacation in Door County.  Ashton was just starting to do the warm ups too!  Aiden did a little bit - but he also just stands there and watches everyone else.  Ashton standing on one foot...
Airplane Arms
Straddle Stretch
Aiden loved the rope, Ashton not so much.
"I do by myself"

After gymnastics we went to Reese's house with Caz for supper.  They all have gymnastics together!  So much fun.
Excited to try this out next year... Reese has a paddle boat!  Maybe not all four kids in the water though ;)
last, but not least... the reason for the title... on Saturday we went to Elle's 3rd Birthday "Tangled" Party!  The boys have been singing "Happy Birthday to Elle"  all week! 
We played... and Ashton wanted to "Baby swing".

I was a bit nervous about present opening time... not sure how the boys would be when they had nothing to open... but they did GREAT!
Birthday Girl.
Lots of pink and sparkles and princes stuff... Ashton wanted to check out her Barbie Roller Skates!
Her Rapunzel Tower cake... Yum!

SO EXCITED for the cupcakes!


Before everyone left, they lit a paper lantern... so neat!  Just like in the movie!

The Birthday Girl - Elle Marie.  We cannot believe she is already 3.  Where has the time gone?  The boys love her to pieces and talk about her all the time (Adam and I do too)!  Stop growing up so fast.
That's all folks.  Thanks for being patient with my late post.  I had many reminders that I didn't do it!  I know... I know...
Next week will be late as well.  We will be in The County of Door for our Annual Family Vacation!  The boys have no idea what camping is... but they are excited!  We watched the John Denver and Muppets Rocky Mountain Holiday movie tonight and they loved it (Muppets go Camping)!  We shall see...  Beach, water, dirt, the great out doors, and all the people... they will be in Heaven.
Give me until the end of the month to get pictures set from our trip.  I also head to Wausau for a teaching conference for three days the day after we get back from Door County, and there might will be a lot of laundry to do!!!! 
I steal this quote from a friend on Facebook:
"Camping - spending a lot of money to pretend that you are poor!"

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