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The County of Door 2013

Here we are folks... The County of Door post for 2013.  Camping for 10 days with two little ones (four with the Rueber's included) is no easy task but we look forward to it every year and already have our campsites for next year!  Before this year's trip I have joked about our vacations and maybe doing them backward - Why do we do Mexico without kids for 6 days and Door County with kids for 10 days?!?!  I now know that it is for the traditions that Jerry and Laura (Gramma and Grampa) had started 33 years ago.  It is such a special place for all who go and I will say that each year the boys get older - it gets easier.  Still busy - but easier!  Ashton and Aiden are in heaven being dirty, playing with their trucks, being at the beach/in the water, riding bike, eating, and doing whatever else we did to keep them busy.  The positive side of staying busy - they slept like rocks.  

Sifting through the 700 pictures I took alone was difficult... I did have some on my camera from the week before Door County and since we have been home but they are not even worth including in this post.  This is dedicated entirely to the County of Door - 2013.

The day we left, temperatures were pushing the high 90's... the boys were troopers in the car.  We stopped once in Green Bay for some McDonald's and a leg stretch at the park.  We arrived with two little boys so E.X.C.I.T.E.D to be camping.  It was so hot, Aiden needed to stay hydrated while setting up camp!
 Elle Marie broke out quite the camping outfit right away ;)
 Cousin to cousin we'll always be, 
Special friends from the same family tree.

 It didn't take long for the boys to unpack their trucks!  There was a lot of gravel, dirt and sand to be moved!
 Elle LOVES pink, dresses, and sparkly princess stuff.... but she can also drive a truck well and get dirty right along with the boys!
 The night we got there, we walked to the beach to check it out.  
 We thought we would get our toes wet...
 and play in the sand a bit...
 but before we knew it we had a skinny dipper (a little girl whom I will not name) and two little boys...
 with CHEEKS hanging out.
 Most ALL nice days you will find up at the beach.  The boys are such Beach Bums, they even napped at the beach!
 Ashton Alan
 Aiden James
 The Crew.

 Adam's cousin, Jeff, was a hit with his remote controlled car!

 Can you say DIRTY LITTLE BOY?  Aiden didn't want to slow down enough to shower and he fought trying to wash his hair upon multiple attempts.  *So much different than at home with nightly baths and every other night hair washes.  I think Aiden went a week before I forced him to wash his hair.  Ewwwww.
 A ranger in training.
 Yep. Dryer sheets pinned to the boys.  I am that mom - but not a single mosquito bite!  *For the record, I was super nervous about mosquito's.  They will carry you away at our house - but they were not bad at all in DC!

 "Look at me mom".  Getting so big and brave.  The play ground was a nice way to burn energy and kill time.

 Technology entertaining the adults.  Reception is basically non-existent and I like it.  I think I may have checked facebook once in 10 days and Adam is unplugged from his work.  I even missed the Royal Baby news... and if you know me - I love my celebrity news and gossip!
 Love this little girl.  I spent a lot of time with Elise May because she was the "easy one" to keep up with ;)
 Adam's Cousin and their family joined us for a weekend.  We don't get to see these guys enough!
 These two little boys LOVE Uncle Dave and sometimes they listen to Uncle Dave better than Mommy and Daddy too!  I love this picture.
 Down by the water throwing rocks.

 Gramma and Grampa bought their yearly Door County Shirts so we did a impromptu photo session with the kidlets.

 "Do the Camping Wave"


 This picture melts my heart.

 I have no idea what Elle and Aiden are doing... having a belly contest?!?!
 Ashton acting like Vanna White with the two showing off their bellies ;)
 We were asked while on a walk if they were triplets!!!  The best of friends and the worst of enemies (if they have to share).
 All because these two fell in love.  So happy to have Gramma back with us this year.  We missed her so much last year and it just wasn't the same.
 The the other Wamboldt Family in the County of Door!  They are lifers now... maybe?  Jeff and Janel with their daughters Taylor and Brooke.
 Bugs, in this case a grass hopper will hold their attention and amaze the boys.
 Cheese Burger in Paradise theme night.  Ashton loving the skirt.  I couldn't even get a picture of Aiden in one, must have been too busy playing in the dirt or with bugs.
 Even Daddy was in the spirit - maybe with the help of margaritas ;)
 XOXO  Daddy/Son Kisses.  Sweet.

 Elle's got the moves and a couple grass skirts...
 and beautiful "Wedding Hair".
 The kids dancing...  I love Ashton in the back... he has some moves!
 Copying the girls.
 Learning moves from Taylor.
 It's scary to think next year Elise will be running around too!

 Our boys love older kids, especially boys.  It was great having Colin and Landon!  Landon is going into second grade and Colin is going into first.

 Being away from their 4-wheelers, Ashton really learned how to "stride" on his balance bike.  He was looking for hills so he could go fast and pick up his feet.  *He is still riding it since we got home, but a near spill down a big hill and just about going into a pond has slowed down his confidence and bravery for a bit.
 Taking a break from the bikes and boys to play with Elle's babies.
 Those cheeks were made for kissing!
 They were so busy, they crashed at nap time.  Nap time was usually at the beach, but on a couple days we were at the camper and they crashed!  Telling them they were tired was another battle, but a quick ride in the Burley turned into this...
 I think we eat better when we are camping than when we are home!  Daddy had two helpers to shuck the corn.
 Gramma and Grampa taking their picture with the grand kids on the annual trip to Wilson's for Ice Cream.  We made it there twice this trip!  Yummy...

 Even Elise got a cone - minus the ice cream.
 The best thing about Wilson's is the ice cream.  The second best is the playground to keep the kids busy while the adults finish their treats.

 Pictures with the adults (no kids) are rare.
 Aunt Missy drew a road on the road.  Sidewalk chalk was brought out daily for passing some time.

 On Tuesday Nana, Mikayla, and Emily came up to join in on the fun.  This is their 5th (?) year I believe.
 A rare moment of both boys sitting still around the fire.  They were really good with being safe around the fire, but they were either busy playing or sleeping.  There really was no in-between.
 A nightly walk around the campsites.
 All attention to the bug Ashton found.  The walks took a long time with many distractions!
 Part of the fun of the walks was looking at every one's signs and camping props.  This was a prop thank goodness!  Aiden not wanting to bath/shower would not mix well with a skunk  ;)

 Bike parking as we took a detour down by the water.
 Only when you are camping is it OK to scoop up your food with dirty trucks.  They were quiet and not fighting, so I was up for whatever they wanted to do!

 *Diaper butt isn't nearly as bad as a thong or a butt crack hanging out... right?!?!

 Gramma and Grampa made a book from camping all the years past.  It was fun to look at and reminisce.  We all had to look back and see what we did with our time pre-kiddos!
 Camp fire entertainment.  Ashton was playing the drums and the guitar.  Love the non-forced smiles.

 *Not sure how Adam's leg got so dirty... 

 On morning, we visited the Nature Center.  This was my first time here and a first for the kids too.  The theme was turtles and Aiden liked the HUGE shell.
 Yes, that is a turtle on her head ;)

 Uncle Dave's favorite... snakes... NOT
 We had many beach days.  The boys liked the water just as much as they loved playing in the sand.

 I think Grampa was taking the boys to pick out a boat!

 Gramma Zielke, Missy, Amy, and Marianna came up for a day visit.

 I think these two were singing along to John Denver at this moment.  Right before this moment, I think they were probably fighting about the music and who can touch the radio.
 This picture cracks me up.  Aiden is singing so hard with his "boss voice" his eye brows are furrowed. He was basically yelling in a deep voice and not knowing any of the words. 
 Coloring to pass some time before supper was ready.

 Trying out Elle's Barbie skates.  Wheels on their feet could be dangerous, thank you Mikayla and Emily for helping!!!

 Look at these two faces... are they in trouble or guilty of something?!?!?!
 Being creative and using the fire wood as building blocks.  They were building a "house to live in".

 Marianna brought some gifts for her camping friends.  We were appreciative of the basket of goodies to keep them busy.  Thanks so much!

 Using the light-up wands as microphones.
 Playing in the camper.

 Isn't this the cutest little beach baby butt you have ever seen?
 Rainy day entertainment... a movie in the camper.  These three little heads were that close to one another without fighting for an extended period of time and all agreeing to the movie being played = success.
 After dinner walk time again!

 Elle and Elise brought some glow sticks for some dark time fun.  It was fun until Ashton threw his on top of the camper and up in a tree.  ;)
 Second trip to Wilson's.  Mikayla and Emily were not leaving DC until they went... so they had to twist our arm to go again!

 Such a serious look for turning 34!!!  Happy Birthday to Adam - lucky guy gets to celebrate his birthday each year in one of his favorite places!
At Welker's point watching the bats come out of the houses.  About 20 minutes past sunset, hundreds of bats leave their houses to eat bugs for the night.  Ewwww.  The next series of pictures was me trying to get the boys' attention and look over Daddy's shoulder...  Thanks Aiden for looking!
 Thanks Ashton for looking!
 There I got both to look at the same time.  The story of my life.
 All of my boys.

 We might have a little model in the family!  She strikes some pretty serious poses when the camera is on her!

 Nana bought the kids a wood snake, to bad we couldn't sneak it in some one's bed for a joke!
 The boys drank way more juice than they do at home and I was a bit worried that the yellow, orange, and red upper lip would be permanently stained!
See the colored mustache?!?!
 Getting everything all packed up and ready to head home!  Daddy doesn't do anything that Aiden doesn't copy.  Side story *He had a glass of milk this weekend and told me it was his "beer like dad".  Great.
 The last morning, before heading home, and all the adults are busy packing up.  At this point anything goes for entertainment!

 One last thing we needed to do in DC - have Daddy open his Birthday presents!

 Even he is spoiled!

 Good Bye Door County... 
Until next year.

 Some snap shots that don't include people.  Beautiful place.

Thanks for being patient.  Going through hundreds of pictures is difficult and I want to be able to capture the week!  The best part of the trip - walking into our house and having it feel HUGE (after 10 days in a camper) and finally having ALL THE LAUNDRY DONE!  In the past 20 days, I have been home for 4 of them.  I am really looking forward to my last 2 1/2 weeks with the boys before heading back to school!  Yep, I said it.

Happy August!  ~ The Wamboldt's

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