Sunday, August 11, 2013

Makin' waves and Catchin' rays

We had a pretty normal week this week... Enjoying the last of our days together!  On Tuesday we met Elle and Elise at the water park to swim and have some pizza.  We then walked over to the ball field to watch Uncle Dave play his last baseball game before playoffs this weekend.
 We hear a lot about Uncle Dave and "Baseball" right now!
 Baseball gloves are a favorite right now... right up there with their Bobcat scoopers and garbage trucks.

 Wednesday morning we met Gramma, Aunt Missy, Elle and Elise at Irvine Park.  They needed a break from moving!  *I apologize for the many pictures of two little blonde heads.  ;)
 A Coatimundi - a member of the raccoon family.  Adam and I saw these in the wild in Mexico.

 Babe - according to the boys.

 Ish. Hyenas.
 Scary - when they are active and "stalking" through the glass!
 Gramma and the kiddos looking at the silly bear sleeping on the tree!

 This is about as close as these two can get without fighting!

 Ashton is okay not getting in between Elle and Aiden.

 Baby Girl can't sit on a bear quite yet, but she can stand!
 The boys really liked the turtle... he was supposed to eat his "salad."

 We had a picnic lunch and played for a bit before heading home, but first we needed to play in the dirt (sand)... of course!

 You do not need to adjust your monitor - that is green grass in our backyard!  Adam actually could not wait to get out his lawn mower and mow... so the boys had to also!

 I know they are wearing bicycle helmets... but until they get the proper gear, they will do.  I cringe when the start out with "Watch this" and "Did you see that?"  They are getting so brave!  Ashton was the first to roll his off the culvert pipe this week.  No injuries, but also didn't slow him down one bit!  No - I didn't run and get my camera...

 Finn was around a lot this week, making sure his house was all set to move in to!!!!!  These three boys are going to cause some trouble.  All three feed off each other and create energy from who knows where.

 Mini neighborhood gathering!  Look close, you can count five of the seven kiddos all under 3!
 Firetrucks just are not fast enough anymore, so the boys improvise to make them faster.  They live in their helmets ;)
 On Thursday morning we we off to the Children's Hospital for a follow-up appointment on their kidneys.  We were hoping it would be the last since we have been good since they were born... We had two brave and well-behaved little boys for the ultrasound.

 It helps when you get to pick out some treats!!!
 Aiden wanted Ashton to go first (he always volunteers his brother to go first) and when it was his turn he was a bit nervous... but was brave.

ALL GOOD!  We have one more follow up in three years just to make sure we are in the clear of any future kidney problems.  That was great news and just what we were hoping for!

 We have had some beautiful summer nights to enjoy movie and popcorn in the porch before bed.  
*I think Ashton needs a couple more pillows...

 Trucks. Sand. Dirt. Scoopers, dumpers, loaders, ex-a-ators, backhoes, and bobcats.  My Aunt Debbie says it best, "How do they stay in this crouching position for hours and still be able to walk or stand?"
 I focused on the nice choice of socks with crocs.  Fashionably horrible, but practical for the boys.  I like crocs because they go in the tub with them to get clean, but they HATE dirt in their shoes... so just put socks on!!! Then they can't feel the dirt and we are all happy.  :)
 Since the visit to the Children's Hospital, Aiden WILL NOT take of his "bracelet".  It is grungy and dirty, but he refuses.  He takes it off for bath, but ALWAYS remembers to put it back on.  I tease that he will be a kid that goes to a water park in July and will still be wearing his wristband on the first day of school!  Maybe I need to get him a watch or something to wear instead...
 Finn and Molly are officially moved in and the boys wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood!  
 Before phase two is developed, the boys have a great place to ride their four-wheelers... we ride back here daily.  *Notice Izzie enjoying a little run to keep up with the boys.
 Izzie found the bed of "something".  It had poop next to it and it was not deer poop!  I have heard coyotes at night which is a bit eerie.
Not too far off - there was a larger "bed of something" or a family of a something.  Can you see the packed down grass?
 I am a bit jealous of the views in phase two!
 Such a beautiful day, we did an impromptu photo shoot ;)

 Yep - socks with crocs.

 Beautiful place to ride... and I don't need to worry about cars and hazards!

 Izzie likes running along with them, but she is smart and stays behind them!
 Friday night we had the Rueber's and Gramma over for supper.  They were in the middle of a move, needed a little break!
 Elle digs right in with the trucks and dirt...
 and is brave on the four-wheelers too!
 The boys are starting to off-road with their bikes.  Any little ditch or valley around, they are going down.
 If these three are this close together and NOT FIGHTING, it is picture worthy.  Ahhh peace and serenity for a couple minutes.
 They like each other so much that they insisted on sitting on the same side of the table, even if they didn't really fit.  Don't worry about the other three sides available.  Whatever works right?!?!
 A compromise to both wanting to ride...  fight diverted.  On Saturday we went to help the Rueber's move.  The main objective I had was to keep four kiddos out of the way.  Elise was easy, the other three - not so much.  Now the Rueber family has a cute and cozy place to call home for the next year while they make some tough and exciting decisions about possibly buying land and building a house they will someday call home!
 Today we joined the Richartz Family on lake Wissota to make some waves and catch some rays!  Just what we needed for a Sunday afternoon!
 The boys brought their "siffing poles".

 Not sure what they were all looking at - cute picture though!
 Captain Nate.

 We took a leg stretch at a sand bar.  Boys needed to get some dirt time in too!

 So much fun!  THis kind of day is right up Adam's alley.
 Just a small and cozy cabin being built on the lake!  Actually we think it is one of Adam's clients that he does contract sales for.
 Heading back to port... with three tired but well-behaved little kids!

 We went under this bridge once, but had to go back under to get back to the dock... it is low!  Very low...
 The kids were ready and sitting on the floor...
 while we crept under it... it was t.i.g.h.t!

 The second bridge had plenty of room... compared to the first ;)
 Aiden was covering his eyes saying... "Oh GOSH, Oh GOSH" the entire time.  Too cute.
 When the kids are asking me to take their picture and demanding that I go in the other room to get the camera, you know I take too many pictures of everything.  ;)  Look at us mama, take a picture!

Love these two little boys, even though there are challenging parts to every. single. day.  One day this week Ashton was crying as I was trying to throw a load of laundry in... he was crying behind me and wanted me to carry him.  He then got quiet behind me and I turned to look.  There was Aiden holding his hand and rubbing his back saying "It's okay Ashton, it will be alright.  I will make you feel better."  I was so proud and maybe even had tears in my eyes.  They have also started to say "I Love You" at random moments and the nest is when they say it to each other at random moments.  Don't get me wrong - we still have our non-sharing moments, rough housing, and fights... but tiny moments like this is what makes our day and gives me hope that they will love each other as they get older.  :)

Until next week!

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