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This week felt like the LONGEST. WEEK. EVER.  Things were crazy both at home and school with the full moon and Halloween being mid-week!  With that being said, there is a lot of pictures for the week... so let's get started!
I am not sure who was more excited for Tuesday, Daddy or the Boys.  It was their Daddy Daycare Day AND it was also the day our basement was being dug!  Adam was just plain excited and the boys L.O.V.E trucks.  According to them they saw "Krucks, Tractors, Dump Krucks, and Big Ones."
Daddy packed snacks, treats, juice, and their chairs...

The two supervisors.

The basement ready for the footings.  It doesn't look so much like a "hole" for the basement because much of the plan is Walk-Out on the lower level and they actually have quite a bit of "back filling" to do!

Tuesday night we painted pumpkins instead of carving pumpkins.  The boys had a blast.  Aiden didn't want me to rotate his pumpkin to get all sides...

He kept touching his face... but none went into the mouth (that's a first)!

True artists use two paint brushes... one in each hand!

Look at the determination and focus...

Ashton kept wanting more colors... "Booo, geeen, lellow, red"

He was literally scooping the paint and it was splattering all over... good thing it is washable!

So Proud!

Concentrating so hard... if only he would concentrate on not getting it on his face  ;)
Horrified when his hand got "all dirty" - Aiden is the clean freak of the two.

He does not like to get messy - if only he could see how cute his face is!

Wednesday was Halloween and we were looking forward to having TWO LITTLE MONSTERS.  The boys took a "Jack-O-Lantern" Pizza from Papa Murphy's and Halloween Oreos to daycare and brought home tons of treats from their friends.  With a quick supper, it was time to get ready for Trick-or-Treating!  I was a bit nervous about the costumes.  We "practiced" being monsters a couple times throughout the month because the boys are S.T.U.B.B.O.R.N and I was especially worried that Aiden wouldn't want to put his costume on.  Once Ashton's was on and he was excited, Aiden decided to join in on the fun.
Char and Gerry's was our first stop.  Ashton was literally running up their driveway!

Ashton didn't want anything to do into his bag... he just wanted to eat it all as he was given the treats.

A Back view of the Cutest Little Monsters...
Our next stop was at Elly and Price's house.  Ashton wasn't too thrilled to be stopping for a picture...
Aiden was content with one his his Best Friends - Price.

 We had promised a couple of our neighbors in our old neighborhood that we would stop by... not many people had their lights on.  We hope our new neighborhood gets into the holiday spirit!

Before heading to Nana's and Debbie's we stopped to "Trunk-or-Treat" at St. Paul's Church.  We heard there were decorated cars there and even some animals!  It didn't take long for the boys to see a horsey, a calf, some puppies, and some kitties...  It also didn't take long for Aiden to figure out that he could hold his bag out to people and have treats dropped in.  Ashton was content with one sucker, that he wanted to eat RIGHT AWAY.

Aren't these the Cutest Little Monsters you have ever seen?  I am thinking once the boys are able to choose what they want to be, we won't be matching or even coordinating... so I am taking advantage of it now. 

Bath time after Trick-or-treating... Rocking a "treat" they got from daycare.  They L.O.V.E their "Cool Dudes."

Saturday morning we headed to burn off some energy at the Children's Museum in Eau Claire.  Each time we go, the boys do more and more and get a little more independent.  I am seeing a trip to Under Water World at the Mall of America this winter, they LOVED looking at the fish tank.

Driving in their car, at the bank...

Trying to with drawl all of Mommy and Daddy's money!  Isn't this what will happen in 15 years?!?!?!

Ashton checking for money one last time...
Outside the Pizza Cafe, where they made some lunch.

 Aiden liked the construction site.  Once he found the drill and hammer he "fixed" everything in sight.

Both boys loved the train table.  They would have played here all day, even though it had limited pieces!  This may be a great Christmas/Birthday idea for Mommy and Daddy?!?!?

Aiden watching some other kids in the movie area...

 Once they were done playing, he copied everything they were doing.
We don't always go downstairs for the art projects and water tables, but this time we did.  We drew pictures with markers and then played in the water.

Heading back upstairs and out for lunch, the boys using a hand-rail that is just their size... these two are growing up WAY TOO FAST!

A lazy Sunday afternoon, snuggling with dad and Watching the Packers.

A lot changed this week with the house!  You saw pictures on the basement being dug on Tuesday.  We met on Monday and ordered all windows, chose all interior doors, trim, stone, garage doors, siding, shingles, and interior railing.  Footings were set and poured by Thursday/Friday and over the weekend, the forms were set to pour the basement walls.  That will be done early this week! 

View from the back of our house.  I am struggling visualizing everything.  I cannot "feel" the space and I am having mini panic attacks looking at the space for the dining room, master bedroom, etc...  It doesn't look like it will all fit, so I am excited for the sub floor and walls to be in! 

View from the neighbor's front yard.

Another reason this may have felt like the Longest. Week. Ever... I had to say Good-Bye to a great buddy this past Thursday.  I found Pepper about 10 years ago in the woods, abandoned and/or lost in a rain storm.  We are proud to have been able to give him a great home, feed him tons of treats, and give him lots of love.  He will be missed.   

Each week I am amazed that how fast the days go by and how busy we stay!  In talking with friends who have kiddos of all ages, it is safe to say that things don't ever slow down, it is just a different kind of busy!   ;)
~The Wamboldt's

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