Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving Thanks and Cutting Trees

Mondays are always hard to get back into the groove... they are more difficult when we were spoiled with some extra time off!  To top things off, Aiden has pink eye so I will be having to do my sub plans when I am done with this blog.  Yep - no day care until he has been treated for 24 hours.  We will be going to urgent care first thing in the morning to hopefully get some drops!  Is it bad that I am hoping Ashton gets it tonight too so it isn't just drug out another couple days (maybe he won't get it at all)?!?!  Adam took the flu shift, I guess I get the pink eye shift.  The last two times we have gotten together with family it has been something... the flu and now pink eye.  I am hoping with as quick as each of the kiddos pass things around, maybe they can pass potty training around just as quick!  ;)
On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Uncle Nate and Aunt Katie's house for an early dinner, and then headed to Eau Claire for supper at Missy and Dave's.  The day gets long and Adam's Black Friday starts extra early, but we love the time with our families!  They boys love playing with all Elle's toys.
 Aiden and I L.O.V.E. our snuggles with Elise.  Ashton actually wanted to hold her this time too, but I didn't have the camera.

 The boys were so well behaved and played great with Elle, Brock, and Afton!
 Elle has a train table and the boys LOVE it!

 Skip the pie... the kids got ICE CREAM!
 After a long day, a bath is just what they needed to get comfy for the ride home.
The boys watch the "DOODLE BOPS" on Saturday morning.  They are getting more and more into their "shows".  This and Elmo they will sit still for.

 Sunday we met Aunt Missy, Uncle Dave, Elle and Elise to cut Christmas Trees.  It was time to bundle up for the first time... boots, snow pants, and all! 
 Don't forget the saws to cut down the tree!
 Two bundled marshmallows.  So hard to move!

 The three kiddos... Elise was all snuggled in with her mommy.  She was so quiet and content, I forgot she was with us!

 It was A LOT of work trucking through the weeds and forest to get our tree ;)

 But we found one!  Honestly we couldn't be fussy.  The boys were getting cold by this point...

 Off to now help Elle get her tree... and try to walk without falling down every step!
 Ashton kept wanting to hold Aiden's hand.  He wanted nothing to do with having to help him walk...
 This looks like a little cold face!
 A successful day... now time for the tractor to take us back for cider, hot chocolate, and popcorn!
 I love this picture of Elle and her Daddy.
 Getting warm and eating popcorn and drinking cider!
 After popcorn, we met Santa!  The boys weren't too sure at first, but hey - he had CANDY CANES!
 Sure we'll have one.  Soon we will see if the boys will sit on his lap at the mall and tell him what they want for Christmas!
 Yummy.  Love the cold, sticky face ;)

 How tall this year?  Not sure - they wouldn't stay still...
 Once we got our tree home and inside, Aiden had to vacuum all the needles up!  What a good little helper.  They are pretty excited for the tree in their house!
 Ummmm.... IT'S HUGE!  Why don't they look that big outside?!?!  Now the task of decorating it this week...
HOUSE UPDATE:  Nothing.  Na-da.  Be looking for major changes starting December 1st.  Our builder is finishing off some other projects and then our house will be priority number one.  He keeps apologizing... and we just keep saying, "Don't apologize now.  Just be sure we are still moving in when you said we would be moving in..."        Gulp.

So I remember what I did in the week with what is on the camera... I just about forgot because these pictures where on my phone!  Ever since the new TCF Stadium was built, I wanted to go to a Gophers game.  On Saturday I met up with Kimberly Kay and her family and friends for the MSU Game.  I lived with Kim for the three years I went to the U and her family was like my family away from home.  It was a great time, even though Adam couldn't make it - as it fell on the WORST weekend for him!  The Gophers lost, but it was a great day.
Have a great week!

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