Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gramma and Grampa Visit

The title of the post was by far the highlight of the week, and the only thing I took pictures of!  The boys are still adjusting to the time change, so our nights are a sprint to get some food in their bellies, bath time, and bedtime!  They have been T.I.R.E.D so the nights have been short and the mornings have been early... 
Thursday I had parent teacher conferences and I also have them this coming Tuesday.  They are always some of the longest days of the year as I leave before the boys wake up and I am not home until after they get to bed ;(  Since it is only four days of the year, I won't complain though.  Although they are long nights, I love working with the families and share all the great things we are doing at school!
We were looking forward to a visit from Gramma and Grampa all week! 
 The boys also L.O.V.E it when Elle and Elise visit.  Aiden likes sharing his toys will Elle and I like to sit back and watch them play together.  Elle is a good playmate for him because she puts him in his place.  This is by no means in a bad way, he is just sometimes a bully to Ashton and he isn't that way with Elle, nor would Elle let him be that way ;)
Showing Elle how this toy spins the cars.  Elle thought that if she would sit in it, it would spin her ;) 

 It wouldn't be a visit without a DANCE PARTY.  Of course Grampa had Jimmy Buffet!
 The kids love wrapping their blankets around their waists for "skirts".

 Little Dancing Machines!

 The best part of the night... Grampa reading the boys their bedtime stories.
 They DID  NOT want to go to bed while Gramma and Grampa were still here (ummmm... they were staying over)!

Promising them that they would be here when they woke up, was enough to get the boys to bed.  Even better yet, having milk, cheerios, and cinnamon rolls this morning!  Thanks for visiting Gramma and Grampa.  It was a blast and we are already looking forward to Thanksgiving!
House Update:  The basement is in and framing should start this week!  The floor tresses are out at the site just waiting to go on, and the road is black-topped!  Adam and I snuck out this afternoon to pick out a couple things and make everything was set for the next step of decisions (tile, carpet, and counter tops).  We are getting down to not much needing to be decided on... scary and exciting at the same time!  I didn't have the camera the day I was out to see the development... so there will be pictures next week.  If you "like" Timber Ridge Homes, our builder is great at updating the progress (almost daily) on their Facebook Page.
Is it really less than two weeks until Thanksgiving Break?  Where is the time going...
Have a great week!
~The A Team

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