Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Faces

Where do we start?  This week marked the first for... THE FLU!  Yes, the stomach flu has officially wiped through our family and we survived (barely).  Last Saturday we had Adam's parents over, my mom, and the Rueber Family for dinner.  All was great and we were so excited that the kiddos didn't have runny noses for once!  A cough started moving in on Saturday but all was still OK.  Sunday night at 3 am, Aiden woke up screaming and throwing up in his bed.  At that same time, it started with Adam.  I took care of Aiden as he continued to get sick about every hour.  Then, I called my mom at 6 am to see if she could come help as I had to get Ashton to daycare and I HAD to go to work (WKCE Testing).  Well - Nana couldn't help, she was sick... Come to find out, The Rueber's were all sick as well.  Even Izzie was sick, throwing up on the carpet and going out many, many, many times.  I thought Ashton and I missed it, but then I got a call on Monday afternoon around 3pm to go get him from daycare.  With two sick kids, Adam sick, and Nana sick... My Aunt Debbie came to help me.  We had loads and loads of laundry to keep up with! 
I didn't want to be so confident to say that I didn't get it... but I haven't... so far.  My Aunt got it, my cousin, and now my sister as of this week.  Whatever it is, it comes on quick and it is lingering with the kiddos.  As of today Ashton and Aiden's diapers are finally back to normal. 
The kiddos may be back to normal, but where are these silly faces coming from?  We took a lot of baths this week... and bath time is where the faces come out... cheese faces.
Aiden James

Ashton Alan

 The flu wiped them out... this is the longest I have seen them lay in our bed and watch a movie. 

Aiden is figuring things out...
We have little steps to help Izzie in our bed, Aiden is figuring out that they help him get up too!

 Saturday Izzie had a hair cut and I had to bum in EC for three hours, without the boys.  They DO NOT bum... especially at the mall!  My cousin Marcy came over and helped the boys make me some bracelets.  Thanks Marcy!

Aiden was pretty excited to have a tree in his house!  Adam is adamant about still decorating for the holidays this year, even though we are only here temporarily.  

We put lights on one out front, and one out back... just a little exterior illumination.  It looks pretty silly amongst the pine needles and DIRT.  Hoping for some snow soon...

Aiden was a good helper...

While Ashton played in the DIRT, I mean our front yard.

 The finished product.  Let's see if the boys can keep their hands off and not knock it over when we bring a tree home for IN our house next weekend!
The days Adam has been waiting for... Messing around in the "woods"  with da boyz.

With such beautiful November weather, we went to see the Elk.  Yes, we do that often...

The deer were quite active and "spooked" today.  Hopefully some hunters saw this under their stands this past weekend!

Again... more faces.

Both boys moved away from the fence, when this Elk wanted a closer look at them!

House Progress:  Not much this week.  Basement walls have been poured.  We are now waiting for some major back-filling to happen, some framing, and all the floor and roof trusses are there and ready to go on!

The black "box" is our wine cellar under the garage.
 The door is another view of the wine cellar.
Our septic mound is in...

It's crazy how many anxieties I feel.  I just need to see it keep coming together.  There is two years worth of ideas and changes in this place.  The hole looked huge, and now the foundation is playing with me.  I think it looks small... I can't imagine how everything is going to fit!  Adam keeps reassuring me, and we have had the measuring tape out many times to help me visualize the spaces and rooms. 
Even with the flu hitting us this week, we have A LOT to be THANKFUL for. 
~The Wamboldt Family

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