Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Fall Fun

Our days fly by and the weekends fly by even faster!  We are settling into our new home... as settled as we want to get with it only being 3 months before we move again.  Adam took the boys back to the old house one last time on Tuesday to get their sandbox, and they paid no attention to where they were.  I even think Izzie is adjusting well. 
On Saturday, we went to play at the mall for a bit.  We aren't outside as much as we want to be with the weather changing, but still want to stay busy!  *Note - taking them in the summer during the week is much better than taking them on a Saturday afternoon.  Nana wanted to run to a store so I parked myself by the entrance so that all I have to do is watch for one trying to escape.  Well, Ashton got plowed down by a "BIG Kid" who was running around so I went to grab him.  Once he was OK, I turned my back for a split second to help Aiden down the slide and Ashton was gone.  I panicked and by the time I thought to look out in the mall for him, I spotted a little blonde headed boy about 6 stores down, sprinting away!  Soooo I looked at Aiden, he was content for the minute, I sprinted to get Ashton - praying Aiden would stay put in the play area (that's all I needed was to have him run in the opposite direction)!  I grabbed Ashton and sprinted back to the play place.  My heart could beat again once I saw Aiden still there playing.  Whew... time to buckle back up in the stroller and be done for the day.  :)
Ashton - before trying to escape...
Aiden LOVED the slide!

Ashton flying on the helicopter...

Aiden wasn't too sure about his brother driving.

On Saturday night, the boys had some special visitors.  Elle and Elise came to play!  The boys hadn't met Elise yet, but we talk about Elle's Baby Sister quite a bit.  Aiden L.O.V.E.D. holding Elise.  No Lie - this is the longest I have EVER seen him sit still... he didn't want to give her up!   

 "Baby Hands"
Ashton didn't really pay much attention to her.  Aiden was very confident in wanting to hold her.

"Baby Nose"

Elle reminded Aiden that it was "Elle's Sister".  Elle is a very proud and a helpful big sister!  We were all fighting for baby snuggles!

With the boys and Elle all busy playing, I got a turn!

Elle and Aiden are hilarious.  Aiden tries to copy EVERYTHING Elle does.  Here they are bouncing on their "Grasshoppers" - according to Uncle Dave.

We call them the turtles ;)

The night before Aiden CRACKED Ashton in the head with his golf club and the Ruebers heard about it... so the Rueber family showed up with their own helmets for protection  ;)

Good thing Uncle Dave and Elle have their helmets on... because Aiden has his club out!

Don't mind the fact it looks like a tornado went through our house, the kids are having a DANCE PARTY!

Aiden and Ashton both studying Elle's dance moves.

If you know my sister, you will know she LOVES Halloween.  This weekend her and Price were clowns.  SCARY CLOWNS... the boys didn't get to see them like this.  Probably a good thing.  :)

Slash (my brother) was also out and about... I am the only sibling that doesn't get totally into Halloweenand start planning my costume months in advance.  My sister tells me I must be adopted :)  She can take over the boys' costumes when they want to be creative!!! She can have the ideas, I will have the sewing machine...
We did some painting... With the colors we used, they ended up being made into fall trees.  We'll paint pumpkins tomorrow or Tuesday night.  We are FINALLY getting to the point of not putting everything in their mouths!

Elle and Elise brought over some "Trick-or-Treats" - How cute?  The little ghosts are their foot prints.  We LOVE new books, and the boys got pumpkin lights for trick-or-treating on Wednesday night.  Thanks Elle and Elise!

HOUSE UPDATE:  Saturday Afternoon, Adam and I met our builder to stake out the house on our lot.  It is crazy to look at the stakes and try to picture the house... The builder said that the hole in the ground will look huge, the footings will make the house look small, and once the walls go up, you will get a real feel for the space.  A lot will be changing this week!  They are digging the basement on Tuesday and clearing many trees.
A look at the neighbors house (will be done in November) from our lot.

I don't know who will be more excited for this Tuesday, Adam or the boys?!?!  Daddy Day Care Day will be spent watching the "trucks" dig (for a little while atleast).
I'll leave you with three of our favorite little faces from this week...

We cannot believe that it will be NOVEMBER this week. 
~The Wamboldt's

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