Sunday, October 7, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Is tomorrow really MONDAY already?  I feel the same way Ashton does...
The highlight of this week was HOMECOMING!  The weather was brisk to say the least, but we bundled up and went to the parade on Friday.  The boys were troopers, enjoyed it, and came home LOADED with candy!


We started out by some friends, but we were being crowded out by some high-schoolers, so across the street we went.  there the boys scored loads of candy (for mom and dad).

They thought they were pretty lucky getting a sucker.  They usually only get these on hair cut days...

It's kind of hard to pick up tootsie rolls with mittens on!

After the parade, we went to Ted;s pizza for the annual tradition.  How many kids get suckers before dinner? ;) Only on Homecoming.

**The boys are both talking up a storm.  Aiden is especially repeating everything and they are saying new words daily.  Sometimes even putting two to three words together.

Daddy got some sweatshirts made just for the boys again this year.  Aiden was excited to have his very own "Horsey" shirt (Menomonie Mustangs). 

After PIZZA, Nana took the boys home while Adam and I went to the game.  Menomonie beat Superior... I don't even know what the score was.  We were C.O.L.D and I chit chat with friends the whole time. ;)
It is a short week.  We don't have school on Friday and I am looking forward to a quiet three-day weekend with the boys.  They have had a cough and runny nose since starting daycare, and I seem to be getting it now too.  Icky.  We moved our garage today, will be moving our basement "stuff" this week and then the main living stuff the week after.  Adam and I were saying how this is the longest we have lived at a place since moving away from home, so we have a lot of "Stuff" to go through.  I am bound and determined to organize and not just move "junk."  Nothing on the HOUSE UPDATE.  Hopefully more physical changes will take place this week or next (feel like I have been saying that for awhile now). 
More exciting news we are looking forward to possibly this week... Will we be welcoming a new NIECE or a NEPHEW?  We are so very excited for the boys to have another cousin and can't wait to see if Elle will have a baby sister or a baby brother!  We have been talking about the baby to the boys, and now when we go see the horses they call them "baby horses".  Many things are now "babies".
Have a great week.  As always, thanks for checking in.  Stay Warm!

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