Sunday, October 21, 2012

We are Moved! Whew...

Like I said last week, I often reflect on our weeks when I download the pictures on Sunday.  All I can say is some weeks there is nothing to blog about and some weeks I can't believe we had the time to do all that we did!  So keeping the narration short, and getting to the most important... pictures of the boys!
On Tuesday night we went to Donkey Basketball at the High School.  I thought the boys would L.O.V.E it!  I had no idea what to expect so we got there plenty early.  A half hour of trying to keep the boys content in the gym and telling them the donkeys will be out soon was TOO LONG!  So... we had popcorn before the show even started.  Aiden was people watching and wandering away. 
I wanted to see how far he would go before he noticed...

Yep, that's him in the center of the floor.  All attention on him and he didn't even care! Little Stinker.  The next time we come back will be to watch Mikayla dance at basketball games!  Maybe Aiden can join her at center court ;)

Then the donkeys finally came out! 

Ashton was amazed to see the donkeys playing basketball.  He kept saying "gonn-kee, eeee-ahhhhh"

Aiden sat like a good boy... for about 10 minutes!

Then all they wanted was the ball they were throwing around, and kept wanting to "touch" the donkeys.  So... we left early.  The story of our lives - maybe next year they will be able to sit longer and enjoy it ;)
One of the nights this week, Nana brought over a treat.  Malts from McDonald's!

We often have supper dates with Gramma and Grampa... on Facetime.  The boys love talking with Gramma and Grampa and sharing these special times with them.  It also helps to get them at the table or in the tub, because the boys are somewhat contained and can "chat".

Hi Gramma!


Continuing to be spoiled, Aunt Debbie brought over some new pajamas too!  We call these "Timmy Martin" jammies.  This goes way back to when Nate and I were little and watched "Lassie".  The little boy, Timmy Martin, has two-piece jammies with buttons and collars.  The boys thought they were pretty cool with the buttons!  Thanks Aunt Debbie!

Modeling the jammies with the GREEN SOCKS he insists to wear at least 3 nights a week. Silly and stubborn boy :)

We are officially moved into our rental!  We stayed here last night and it went well.  I can't help but wonder what they boys (and Izzie) are thinking.  Our last house was the only place they have ever known.
We are in a new development with twin homes, by Tainter Lake.  We are renting the place from now until the end of January.  Since it is a new construction, we don't have a shortage of D.I.R.T. for the boys to play in.  I have a feeling this will be the norm as our new house will be all dirt as well...
One shoveling it on, one sweeping it off.  They could keep each other busy all day!

Ashton sweeping the leaves and pine needles from the front door.

Forget a storage unit... put it in the garage!  At least I can get my car in for the winter ;)  More pictures of the house next week, I am still trying to find "places" for all the stuff!

 While we were busy moving Elly and Price took the boys to the "Halloween Hallows" in Eau Claire.  OK - Elly, Price and Nana because I don't think Elly or Price would know how to change their diapers.  Maybe Nana won't have to chaperon once they are potty trained ;)

Loving the corn box.  What a neat idea!  So much cleaner than sand...

L.O.V.E. these two little faces (and Elly's camera that takes such nice pictures)!

While Ashton was comfortable just hanging in the wagon (he was tired), Aiden LOVED playing!


Aiden and his Best Buddy, Price.  Do they know they are going to get eaten by a giant spider thingy?!?!

Once Aiden was out of the wagon, he didn't want back in.  Poor Price, carrying his little buddy for the rest of the day.

Having fun on the slide... with Clay Matthews!

The cutest little pumpkins next to a HUGE pumpkin!

I can just imagine what Ashton is saying... "Pig. Pig. Pig."  Kind of a weird looking pig!

We are exhausted, and I am exhausted looking back at all we did this week!  We need to thank everybody who helped with the move, and also who helped with the boys and kept them busy!  We couldn't have done it without every. single. person. We are settling in, just to move again in a short few months! 
I almost forgot a HIGHLIGHT of the week... I got to sneak over to Eau Claire on Monday night and get some snuggles from Elise!  The hour visit was NOT long enough, but I was dying to meet her and see how great of a big sister Elle Marie is.  I was so content holding Elise and talking with Missy, I didn't even snag any pictures. :(  I am so looking forward for things to s-l-o-w down and see the Ruebers again.  With the boys healthy again, for who knows how long, maybe we could sneak in a visit soon with them too!
HOUSE UPDATE:  Oh yeah... on top of all that we did, we also met with the builder this past week.  I get anxiety after the meetings just thinking about everything that needs to be decided on.  This week's worries are railing or no railing on front porch, window grate designs, we finalized the siding, stone, front columns, and ordered our front door!  That is nerve-racking also as it is being customed designed in Utah.  Through emails, phone calls, and texts I am hoping "Mark" gets our front door just the way we want it!  So many things I say, "does that need to be decided on right now?  Can I see the space before we make that decision."  I am such a visual person!
As always, thanks for checking in this week.
The A Team and Izzie too.

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