Sunday, October 14, 2012

Germs, Germs go AWAY!

I usually remember what happened in the week once I download the pictures off the camera... this week, I think we didn't do much of anything!  The Boys have had a runny nose and cough since we started back to daycare the last week of August.  You might think that I am exaggerating, but I am not even kidding.  It maybe gets better for a day or two and then it is back!  I got it this week as well and used a sick day from work on Wednesday and allowed myself to literally lay in bed until noon, shower, and then move to the couch until I had to pick up the boys at 4.  I don't remember the last time I had a day to lay around and I almost felt guilty.  There is so much that could have been done, but I had to remind myself I took a sick day and not a "get things done day."   I will admit that the house was too quiet without the boys and I missed them.  For as crappy as I felt, I was still excited to go get them from daycare!
This was the week the boys' colds came to a head and they were sick Thursday, Friday, and over this weekend as well.  Maybe this was the final BANG and we will be healthy the rest of the winter!?!?
Being sick is bad enough, but not being able to meet our NEW NIECE, was hard!  Yep, Elle Marie has a new baby sister!!! We are so very excited for the Rueber Family who welcomed Elise May on October 9th.  The boys and I stayed away while Uncle Adam snuck over on Thursday to meet her.  We didn't want to expose the Ruebers to our germs, and keeping Gramma healthy is important too!  I am excited to meet the newest Rueber this week and see how good of a big sister Elle Marie is!
So what did we do this week besides be sick?  We moved our basement.  All of our furniture is staying with the house, but we moved out storage room and all other
stuff" from the basement.  Last weekend we moved the garage "stuff" and we have our main floor "stuff" to move this coming weekend before we stay at our rental for good starting Saturday night.  Adam and I were thinking about it, this is the longest we have both lived at one place since we both moved from our parent's to go to college.  We were going through boxes we moved in to this place over 5 years ago and still haven't unpacked!  Yes, we will move it one more time and it is now labeled "thirft sale".  As exciting as it is to be building a new house, we have many memories at this house.  The best part about moving a little each weekend?  The "Big Truck" that is in our driveway all weekend, according to the boys!  They can't get enough of Daddy's work truck.  They even got to go for a ride in it around the block... shhhhh.
It looks like snow, but it is only rain ;)

In a couple years, they can be running their own deliveries!

Aiden "diving" (driving) the "Big Truck."

When I am sick, I take hot baths.  So I also like to give the boys warm baths when they are sick (and soak their crusty little noses).  Here they felt well enough to be little goof balls.

See they CAN have fun together!

They CAN also SHARE.  For as much as they fight, they do get worried about each other if they are not together.  We may have to do more "date nights" soon with just one.  We have been talking a lot about being nice, sharing, being friends, and how we love each other.
Ashton sharing his chocolate milk... maybe that's why we ALL end up sick... it's impossible to keep their germs seperate!

The only thing we left the house for this week was to see the Elk!  When we move we'll still be able to visit the elk, but I am not sure what we will do when we can't just walk down the street to visit the horses too!
Wouldn't all the hunters love to see this (not at a game park)...

They boys talk about the Elk (Elllllkkk) and Buffalo (bu-ba-lo) often...

They even have elk and buffalo animals that they play with ALL THE TIME at home and they had to bring with...

Aiden thought his Elk should go by the other "Big Ones"...

Then Ashton thought the cow should be by the elk too!

Notice the toy elk is doing the same thing as the real elk? 

We have some friends out West right now Elk Hunting for the week.  Lets hope they see something like this out there, not at a game park of course! ;)

That's it for this week.  Not even ANY house updates to report on.  Still waiting for the next step of perk test, permits, and basement being dug!  Waiting. Waiting.. Waiting... We will be all moved in to the rental this coming weekend, and maybe I'll have some pictures of that next week.  We are renting a brand new 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse out by Lake Tainter with most all of our stuff being stored in the garage.  We are moving barely no furnishings as the girl who bought our place also bought all of our TV's, all furniture (except bedroom stuff), and most shelving/decorations on the wall.  We know someone from Sears who has already replaced most of our TV's and all we really need is beds and toys right?!?!  Now to just furnish our new house all from scratch... Oh Boy.
Hoping to stay healthy this week and excited to get some baby snuggles from Elise!
~The A Team

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