Sunday, November 6, 2011


For their FIRST HALLOWEEN the boys were Dragons. They were the two cutest dragons that we have ever seen!
Thanks Aunt Elly for coming over and taking pictures... and helping hand out candy to our two trick-or-treaters (two families = 11 kiddos)!
Aiden James
Ashton Alan

With the puffiness, tail, and wings... it was not the most car seat friendly costume!
The two dragons must have been hungry for Candy! Both insisted on eating the stems of the pumpkins...
Daddy and his two dragons...
Once out of their costumes... Aiden wanted to put on Aunt Elly's headband. ;)
We have a new toy at our house that can entertain the boys all day. It's called a diaper box and a belt... Thanks Deb and Meg for making this for the boys one day! The LOVE crawling on top of it, riding in it, and beating on it like a drum!
speaking of crawling... yup, we have two mobile boys. They are getting into everything! Underneath their exer-saucer is one of their favorite places to be... that and beating their toys on the wood floors.
With the weather continuing to get cooler, the boys are anxious to get out on the ice! Adam had them doing "Dry Land" workouts on his Daddy Daycare Day... This is stick handling...
and... trying not to high stick your brother!
Elle and Dave also came to visit since Adam and Dave both do Daddy Daycare... Elle must have thought our floor were dirty ;) Either that or she was trying to vacuum up the dirty boys...
The boys were S.P.O.I.L.E.D this Halloween... Gramma came to visit the weekend before and brought them two little comfy outfits, we visited Elle and got more treats, and Nana had some gifts fort the boys too! Our neighbors Wayne and Sherrie brought over a little treat too. We went trick-or-treating to TWO houses. We first went to Nana's and then to Donna and Steve's (Nana's friends).
The boys got their very own little boxes of Cheerios... I guess Aiden was hungry. This is what his box looked like when we got home! Between the two places we went, the boys fell asleep and called it a night. Maybe next year they'll get more into the Halloween Spirit!
The boys got a lot of fun Halloween books we have been busy reading!
Aiden was the star of his very own "Little Pumpkin Boys" book.
Ashton was the star too! What a neat idea, thanks Missy, Dave, and Elle!
We have been trying to extend our walks as far into this weather as we can... so this week the boys got their snowsuits! These fleece parts are the inside to their suits (2 in 1) from Columbia.
You can see Aiden is pretty excited ;)
Gramma and Grampa came over today and brought the boys a present... a BURLEY for biking next summer. We can hardly wait for spring now (and Door County)! I did bundle up the boys today and walk around the block... they loved it. You can make it pretty wind proof also ;) Thanks Gramma and Grampa, we will be sure to put many miles on!
I cannot believe that it is already November... Thinking of Thanksgiving, how to keep the Christmas tree safe from two little boys that are into EVERYTHING, and finishing our holiday shopping!

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