Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are Thankful

We have a lot to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving! We are thankful for two HaPPy and HEALTHY boys named Ashton Alan and Aiden James. We are also Thankful for the Family and Friends that help us. Without every one's help, we could not do what we do! I am also thankful for carpet and softer landings. A sight we see hundreds of time in the day is this... two boys pulling themselves onto something or each other. With that comes many, many, many falls! They are getting more brave and confident and I swear sometimes Ashton forgets that he can't walk and will try to anyway! Thank goodness we put carpet down for some softer landings!

We did our usual stops for Thanksgiving this year. We were down to Nate and Katie's for the Packer game and our first meal. After eating, the littlest butt got the nicest chair... how does that work?

Ashton loved finding new things to pull himself up on. It's exciting that he is getting more confident to find other things than people. It's annoying being a constant human jungle gym!
After my Brother's we head to Eau Claire to the Rueber House. Missy and Dave host both sides of their family. It's nice to on;y have to go to one place and see everyone!
The boys also LOVE playing with all of Elle's cool toys! Something we haven't tried before now is the ball pit...
Aiden James
Ashton Alan

Notice Elle's priceless "Cheese" Face... i think Ashton is taking notes ;)
Aiden James already developing bad driving habits... Eating french Fries while driving. Thank goodness they are fake and we really have 16 short years before really going through panic attacks!
Aiden wasn't so sure about the Dino though...
Again, horrible driving habits. Driving with one hand on the wheel... 10 and 2 Ashton!
We have stairs that we hardly ever use... but with the toys being downstairs and all the adults upstairs... it didn't take long for Aiden to find the stairs. It also didn't take long for him to find out that he can go up them...
Monkey see, Monkey do. Ashton was right behind him!
As Adam is spending weeks prepping for the start of the Black Friday sales (waking up at 2am) and the Holiday Season, the ladies are out supporting the economy. A tradition started about four years ago, we head to St. Paul and hit some boutiques along Grand Avenue and a few others. We find treasures that are more "wants" than "needs." Mikayla joined us for her first time, and hopefully will join us again! Nana already has it on the calendar for next year! For some reason, I spent more money this year and didn't buy anything for myself ;)
On Sunday we headed to Pleasant valley tree Farm for the tree. It was a bit cold, so we bundled up the boys! Aiden was so bundled, he couldn't move. ***Idea - maybe if we bundle him up like this at home, he will also feel like he can't move! They even brought their own saws to help Daddy cut the tree!
Gramma and Grampa with the three luckiest Kiddos!
Do you see the light shining down on this tree? The Boys' FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE!
Is there enough room for presents under it?
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We have the tree in the house but not decorated yet... I am thinking we will get the boys used to a big tree in our living room before we light it up and make it all pretty! Maybe they won't be so interested in it?!?! They are doing great with the "no touch" so all the decorating will be done once they are in bed, so they don't see us touching it as well. Monkey See, Monkey Do! Hopefully we will have it decorated by next week's blog... Another successful tree hunt and spending time with family and friends this Thanksgiving. We are Thankful for many, many things.
~The Wamboldt's

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