Monday, November 28, 2011

Forgot Santa!!!

While doing the post last night, I had some technical difficulties... First we couldn't get the blog to save, so I lost it all... Then while looking through it today, I realized that we forgot SANTA!
We visited Santa's Cabin while at Pleasant Valley tree Farm and the boys had their first chance to tell Santa and Mrs. Claus what they wanted!

I was almost certain Aiden would be scared...

But actually her was curious. He was doing a back bend to see whose lap he was sitting on ;)
Aiden seems to be quite proud of how tall he is this year...
While Ashton always has a puzzled look on his face.
How tall are they when they are put together? Poor Aiden on the bottom!
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It will be interesting to see how tall they are next year. So what did the boys tell Santa they wanted? If we only knew... Daddy told Santa that he wants a full night of sleep!
Sorry we forgot about Santa! Two posts this week...
~ The A Team

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