Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 Months!

Today is the Boys' 10 Month Birthday!
There is no better way to spend a Sunday than watching the Packer's Win.

Aunt Elly bought the boys a Thanksgiving present... NEW PACKER SHIRTS! I think it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but she wanted the boys to be able to wear them now... Thanks Aunt Elly!

Trying to change the channel to find the game?!?! Their favorite toys right now are remotes and cell phones. Buying them all the fake ones in the world that light up and sing... they don't care. They want the real ones that they are not supposed to have ;)

We had company for the game. Missy, Elle, Gramma, and Grampa came to help cheer and order Ted's Pizza. Grampa had some opportunities to teach Ashton how to signal a TOUCHDOWN!
and another!
As mentioned last week... The boys are EVERYWHERE. Izzie's 'house" is one of the favorites for Ashton to be.
As you can probably tell - we have had a non-newsworthy week at home and it was great! I officially got rid of Halloween in the house and welcomed Christmas. I am slowly transitioning as I felt since we do not host Thanksgiving, we can skip the decorations in our house... We are also doing a slow transition so the boys have some time to get used to being told "no" and "no touch"!! I have a smaller tree in the kitchen on a table so they can look, but not touch and we got the tree up in the basement for practice before we bring the official Christmas tree home next Sunday. That one will be in the upstairs living room, where most of our time is spent. I am just praying that they boys stay out of it!
This week brings the boys' FIRST THANKSGIVING. I am looking forward to the shorter work week and spending some extra days with the boys. Adam is looking forward to kicking off the Holiday Season with Black Friday! Ok, maybe not looking forward to starting his day at 2 a.m. but he looks forward to the day and he runs on adrenaline.
We have so much to be thankful for. We have the best families and friends and we are THANKFUL everyday for our two little boys and Nizzer too!

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