Sunday, December 4, 2011

Great Times

Looking back through the pictures from this week... the only way to sum them up and put a title to them are "Good Times." We'll start out with some pictures of Adam's favorite time with the boys. His favorite time with the boys is in the mornings. It may be because it is the only time of the day that the boys are content snuggling and lounging. The bigger they get and the more busy they are, it's getting harder and harder for Adam to cuddle them both. So leave it to a Daddy invention. Baby Lazy-Boy recliners.
Now Ashton and Aiden can have relax, have their bottles, and watch the TODAY show with Daddy.
Another "Good Time" is receiving our shipment of formula. Yes, we order formula by the case monthly(2 cases each month). This MAY be our last official shipment. I highlight may because we might have to order one more case before we transition to milk after their first birthday.
This weekend was a weekend that we were all looking forward to. The last time we had a get-together with Adam's college friends was three years ago at Homecoming. Needless to say, with every one's families growing it was time for a get together! We packed up the boys and headed to Maple Grove. The Boy's loved Caden's trucks and cars!
Ashton Got to meet "Uncle Chuck". Adam and Chuck lived together in college and he was in our wedding. We FINALLY got to meet his daughter, Malin. It was also nice to see his wife, Holly ;)
The get together was at Berta and Mike's house. Adam lived with Mike in college as well. They just adopted their A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E son, Isaiah. I can't believe the only picture I took of his is this one, and you can barely see him in the left had side ;(
9 weeks old and a little peanut!
Aiden tries so hard to keep up with the big kids. Here is Malin, Caden, Avery, and Aiden. Next year he will be able to run around with them!"The Boys" and their Kids. Adam's college roommates and Friends. Chuck with Malin, Deek with Caden and Avery, Mike with Isaiah, and Adam with Ashton and Aiden.We finished out week with a visit from Gramma and Grampa. The boys opened up their St. Nick presents with Gramma and Grampa.A "Night Before Christmas" book, a plate for Santa cookies, and a glass for Santa's Milk.It wouldn't be a Sunday, unless we were watching the packer game and be lazy. Ashton cuddled in with Adam for a bit. Look at those tired eyes! The Packers are now 12 and 0 on the season... must be because of their two newest fans this year. the Packers haven't lost since last January when the boys were born!!!I know in last weeks post, I hinted at a picture of the decorated tree this week. Not so much. We on;y got the lights on it this week... The boys are doing better than I thought they would. Aiden tries to sneak over and take a closer look at it, but for the most part they forget about it.Aiden is working on two more teeth on the bottom and BOTH boys have found that their knees are faster for crawling than the army crawl. WATCH OUT! They get everywhere.... FAST.
~A to the 4th Power

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