Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
We have two little boys at the Wamboldt House that are patiently awaiting your arrival (they have no clue).
We need one of your elves to determine if they belong on the NaUgHtY or NICE list! They have been doing VERY WELL not touching the Christmas Tree, but still try to sneak in some gentle touches when we are not looking. We have officially turned a corner with the boys sleeping through the night... I think we need two hands now to count the total number of nights we have slept through the night in the last 11 months!!!
We are thinking they are going to be very spoiled this Christmas, even though wrapping paper and boxes will do just fine.

This past week we visited Santa. In the short wait (thanks Aunt Missy, Dave and Elle for holding a spot), the boys got to see some presents...

and practice sending a Letter to Santa.
To our surprise, the boys were not scared of Santa. Aiden was however, afraid of the bells they were putting in his face to get him to smile. I don't need a smiling picture, just not a crying picture (this year).
What did they ask for???
Saturday night we had some friends over for a little early Holiday Cheer. The only picture I have from the night is of Ashton. The boys are literally into everything... even getting stuck in the stool. As we were talking, he snuck under the stool, and ended up in it. Silly.
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The boys had a follow up visit this past Monday at Children's to check on their kidneys. I will update on how that went later this week in a separate post. I have pictures on my phone and don't have them downloaded yet... BUSY getting ready for the Holidays!!!

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