Sunday, January 8, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Whew... we survived the Holidays! I say as I am trying to hard to get caught up so we can move fresh into the New Year!!! So here goes... I have three posts with pictures uploaded and I just need to narrate a little bit, but for the most part, the pictures will do the talking.
We had been so fortunate to literally stumble on Heather. Heather is the angel that took care of the boys for the seven weeks I had to go back to work last year. It was supposed to be short term for just those seven weeks, and then we begged to have her a bit longer. Heather came to our house while the risk of the boys getting sick was at it's highest last Spring so we have been nervous about the next step in child care. The start of my Christmas was a sad time as we said good-bye to Heather and transition the boys to a in-home center. So Sadly... Heather we will miss you... and Hello Bonnie!

It was so nice not having to get the boys up and out of the house while they were tiny... It was also nice to come home to happy boys and if they napped well - freshly baked banana bread!

Another 'Loss' in switching to Bonnie was having my Aunt Debbie and Cousin Meg come and spend the days with the boys on Thursdays. They are the true Twin Pros! Meg has 4 nephews that are twins and they are Debbie's grandsons. The boys LOVED their Thursdays and the snuggles, play-time, and goodies that always came their way. Speaking of goodies, the first Christmas present open by the boys were from Deb and Meg.
Sleds and Wisconsin Badger Jerseys for the big game... What else can two little boys ask for? Maybe now some.... snow!
They weren't even fully unwrapped and Ashton had to try our both.
Aiden especially liked it when Adam was making him race around the house in his sled.
Yep, now we need some snow.
Adam seems to think they boys are fine if you take your eyes off them for a couple minutes to get some chores done... I THINK NOT! This is what we found in our bedroom. The boys found Izzie's doggie stairs up to our bed. Ashton was half on the bed and Aiden waiting his turn!

The boys went to sleep and woke to find Santa had came! What did Santa Bring?
Adam is pretty pumped for the boys to have their first motorized vehicles... many more to come.
I thought there would maybe be a chance of them being scared to sit in them, especially when they started moving.... NOPE! They LOVE them.
Aiden needed to check out the wheels. He loves wheels on anything. Toys, trucks, strollers, cars, if it has wheels - Aiden is interested.
The boys also got their backpacks for camping, our trip to Florida, and anywhere else they want to take their own goodies and trinkets. Ashton got the Fox and Aiden got the Frog.

Growing up, Adam and I both idolized Michael Jordan. So our childhood memories and obsessions are carried onto the boys...
Last, but not least - promoting good reading habits... the boys got many books!
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On to Christmas Eve at my Brother's House and Christmas Day in Oconto Falls!

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