Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Little Monsters are ONE!

We CAN NOT BELIEVE that our two boys are already one year old! It was hard not to point out everything that happened a year ago on the day of January 20th... my water broke now... I was in the ambulance right now... I was pushing right now... we were scared out of our mind... I could go on and on... and LOOK WHERE WE ARE TODAY!
Where has the last year gone? We sure can tell you, it definitely hasn't gone to sleep! We were blessed to have two little miracles, and we said good bye to our last full night of sleep on January 19th, 2011. But - every minute has been worth it.
We went to Oconto Falls the weekend before the big day to have some special memories captured. Erika Krause captured our wedding day, our family in Door County at 6 months, and now the unforgettable One Year Photos! Click on the link below for a sneak peak. Aiden was Mr. CrAbBy... Ericka has a true talent. I was sure there would be NONE of Aiden ;)
On their special day, there was a party at Daycare. Two of the boys' friends had banners made when they got there and the boys had sugar cookies with sprinkles in hand to share! They even got special Birthday Pizza with candles!

Yummy Birthday Treat!
When they got home from Daycare, they had balloons on their high chairs with tractors, and MORE SUGAR COOKIES! Aiden noticed right away...

On Saturday, we had a Monster Theme Bash...
They got their very own crash cake... this is what it looked like before:
Aiden's is Green
Ashton's is Blue.

Some very special family and friends helped us celebrate. The boys are SO LUCKY to have so many people who care about them.
and... they were spoiled. I will get pictures of them playing with all their cool stuff in the next few posts. Promise it will be before a month ;)
Then came the mess. Too bad Aiden wasn't feeling well and was T.I.R.E.D.
Ashton got into it though! Notice the BLUE MONSTER...

And the Crash Cake after: Not as bad as I thought it would be...
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Sorry - Aiden literally put one finger in his and started crying... Maybe next year.
So what do we know about the Birthday Boys?
Ashton Alan is almost 24 pounds and 30 1/4 inches long. His head is 18 1/4 inches. He is taking steps and will be walking in no time. He waves bye-bye, says mama, dada, ball, and ba (bath). He claps, gestures "so big", and mimics talking on the telephone with both a play phone and his hand. He loves puffs, yogurt, mac and cheese, and ritz crackers. He tries to play with Izzie and loves to play catch with a ball. His favorite toys right now are balls, books, rolling the butt paste around on the floor, and walking with the Dino. He also loves anything that Aiden is playing with and needs to have. He has slowed down a bit in outgrowing all his clothes and is holding steady in 12-18 month sizes, but his size 4 Nikes are getting quite snug! Ashton has 7 teeth.
Aiden James is also almost 24 pounds and 30 1/2 inches long. I would have never guessed that Aiden is the same size as Ashton, as he has more petite features. His head is also 18 1/4 inches. Aiden gets excited when we cheer for Ashton walking so he thinks he takes steps too and wants us to cheer for him as we give him a guiding hand. He will let his brother figure it out and take off running with him! Aiden says hi, mama, dada, and chatters alot. He waves hi and bye-bye, he claps, gestures "so big" and also talks on the phone. Aiden loves yogurt, puffs, mac and cheese, cheeto puffs, Ted's pizza, and ritz crackers (flipsides). For toys, if it has wheels and Aiden can try to figure out how it works... he LOVES it. He has found he can defend himself from his brother by biting him as well! Aiden has really taken to his green turtle blanket with silky around the edges. Aiden is holding steady in 12-18 months clothes also while his size 3 Nikes are getting snug. Aiden has eight teeth with a eye tooth cutting and his one year molars on their way (ouch).
We have two very happy, and healthy little boys keeping us very busy. We are loving every minute of it and each day they are changing and noticing each other more and more.
~The A Team

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